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The Great Vegetable Kingdom
Bridget Hocking

A re-imagining of Disney Princesses for a society unbound by the constraints of species.

Belle - She taught us that looks aren't everything. Usually.

Jasmine - A whole new world of potato.

Ariel - There are sea cucumbers, so why not sea potatoes?

Cinderella - From the dirt she did sprout and bloom!

Pocahontas - Can potaaaatoes all the colors of the wind?

Aurora - She lay dormant under the ground for 100 years.

From the overwhelmingly positive response on my boredpanda page, it would seem that potatoes are truly inspiring. We should all strive to be more like potatoes — the Princesses of the Great Vegetable Kingdom.

[sensible hat on] Basically I just drew these taking the piss out of all the "If Disney Princesses were....." clickbait pages. And then my drawings became clickbait.

Thanks to Bridget from Moviepilot (we are a marvelous bunch!) for inviting me to empty my brain here :)

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How do you like these Disney Princess potatoes?


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