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The Coen Brother's latest film roars onto the big screen with a huge all star cast and a goofball story. Starring the likes of George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum and many more. In case you haven't seen the film yet, I won't spoil anything for you!

I'm going to break down a couple good things about Hail Caesar, a couple bad things and why this may be one of my favorite Coen Brother's movies. If you want to see a review of this movie in video form instead of reading this article, go ahead and click on my review below:

The Goods

First and foremost I have to say this huge cast does a tremendous job in Hail Caesar! Josh Brolin stars as a "fixer" in 1950's Hollywood who is running around doing a million things at once. Brolin gives a great balanced performance between serious and hilarious where you become invested in his character and journey throughout the film.

Another fantastic performance came from Alden Ehrenreich who gave a genuine and sweet turn to his character Hobie Doyle. You may have seen in trailers where he and Ralph Fiennes sputter the same line of dialogue over and over as Fiennes tries to have Ehrenreich repeat it back to him. I have a feeling that Alden Ehrenreich has the potential to be a breakout star in the coming years.

Alden Ehrenreich a star on the rise
Alden Ehrenreich a star on the rise

I could go on and on about the entire cast as Channing Tatum was incredibly fun in his tap dancing sailor number, or George Clooney as the mega movie star who is always having trouble remembering key lines but I don't want to ramble. Even Jonah Hill and Scarlett Johansson who only have one or two scenes are hilarious.

Something that also stood out about this film was even though it was a goofy comedy, the Coen Brother's spared no expense at creating these epic and grand scope sequences from Johansson's synchronized swimming number or Clooney riding with a large Roman army. Cinematography legend Roger Deakins assisted in creating this grand Hollywood world that was so entertaining to enjoy.

The Bad

When it comes to discussing the negatives of this film, these can be seen as nit-picky or minor in most people's eyes. The most notable for me was that the film felt short. With a run time of only an hour and 40 minutes it felt like the Coens could have added some more meat to this to flesh out a bit more of the story and characters.

Funny how last month when I was reviewing The Hateful Eight one of my largest complaints was the Tarantino should have shaved off about 20 minutes from the beginning. I'm not saying the Coens needed to tack on 20 or 30 minutes but perhaps an additional 10-15 minutes could have enriched the film even more.

Another negative about Hail Caesar was that the Coen Brothers created so many memorable characters and performances that by having the film run only 100 minutes it left some actors to purely cameo roles instead of supporting. Scarlett Johansson as one of a few examples I can name, was only given two scenes out of the entire film. She was fantastic in those scenes but they left me wanting to know more about her character.

Jonah Hill was another example of a character that was only given one scene and only a couple lines of dialogue to speak. I wanted to know more about this character! This may even harken back to the marketing department who showed his scene in the trailers along with billing him part of the cast on all promotional materials. This would have been more fun if it were a secret cameo and surprise for the audience.

The Coen

This final point was something that I brought up in my video review and have with friends who have asked about this film. In my opinion, you'll like this film depending on the fact that if you like The Coen Brother's films or not. That was probably confusing so I'll elaborate. Did you like weird films such as Fargo or The Big Lebowski? Did you find Raising Arizona funny? Was Burn After Reading a zany but entertaining film to you?

If your answer is yes, to those questions you are going to like Hail Caesar. However, if you find The Coen Brother's sense of humor not funny at all or just plain stupid, you're not going to enjoy this at all. This movie is 100% a Coen Brothers movie. If they aren't your cup of tea, perhaps save your money and go see Deadpool next weekend instead. Since I am a huge fan of The Coen Brother's cooky and quirky fun sense of humor I loved this movie.

Overall Rating

Man I sure did kinda gush over this film didn't I? Well, I had a ton of fun and was cracking up in the theater with my wife and friends. I'll be the first to admit Hail Caesar is not perfect and I wouldn't even rank it as The Coen Brother's best films like some reviewers are. I would probably put it in my Top 5 Coen Movies. Which brings me to my overall rating of Hail Caesar which is:

Glad I Saw it in Theaters: I'll Buy it on DVD Someday but... No Rush

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