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As the second season of Netflix's acclaimed Marvel series, Daredevil, approaches in March, the hype is all about Jon Bernthal as the Punisher. The trailers have teased us and Bernthal's own selfies add fuel to the fire. Netflix has announced that they plan on giving him his own series sometime either late this year or early 2017. With that in mind, what villains could we see either in the upcoming episodes of Daredevil or in the eventual Punisher? Here's just a few of the horde that punishment could be bestowed on.

1. Jigsaw

Credited as Frank Castle's arch-enemy, Billy Russo used to have all the looks in New York's underworld before he was due for punishment. After the Castle family massacre, Russo is hired by gangster Frank Costa to hunt down and kill all remaining connections to the Castles. Though he kills all of his other targets, Frank escapes the bomb that Russo hid in his home, only to later return with the wrath of God.

Castle tracks Russo to a nightclub, where he blows away (quite literally) all of Russo's associates, leaving only one alive. Face-to-face with the Punisher, he's told to deliver a message just before getting thrown full force and face first through a plate glass window, leaving severe lacerations and scarring all over Russo's head and face.

Adopting the nickname Jigsaw, Russo swears vengeance against the Punisher forever. We have seen Jigsaw in live action form before, in 2008's Punisher: War Zone, portrayed by Dominic West.

I actually do like West as an actor, and to be fair, he didn't do a bad job as the character. Too bad that the movie itself was mediocre at best, in my honest opinion. Although this casting seems a little crazy, I would personally like to see Charlie Hunnam in the role.

An obvious 'pretty boy,' Hunnam is mostly known for his role as Jax Teller on FX's Sons of Anarchy, the leader of the biker gang and all around bad ass. Hunnam proved himself throughout that series, as well as with his starring roles in films such as Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak. He was mostly a kind of antihero in SOA, and I'd love to see him abandon all hope of heroism in his role as Jigsaw.

I had to start with the arch-enemy, but there's some others in mind that could also fill up most of a season.

2. Barracuda

Barracuda is a man who grew up in Florida, in a household with an abusive, alcoholic World War II vet for a father. In the hands of his abusive dad, Barracuda was prone to violence from a very young age. Between gouging out someone's eyes in elementary school and castrating another kid in juvie, Barracuda's knack for violence led him to the Green Berets, the elite American Armed Forces unit.

After years with the Green Berets, assisting the CIA with black ops missions, and even being investigated by Col. Nick Fury, he leaves the military to become a renowned gangster. Years after that, an old partner calls him up and offers him a contract: Kill Frank Castle.

Though Barracuda didn't actually last too long in the comics, he gave Castle one hell of a fight before going down. My choice to portray this sadistic villain in a potential series would be Michael Jai White.

Primarily recognized for his roles in Spawn, The Dark Knight, and a recurring role on CW's Arrow, White has no issue playing the villain or gangster, and could surely make a match as Barracuda.

3. Hitman (Burt Kenyon)

Forgive me for the bad picture...
Forgive me for the bad picture...

Burt Kenyon was actually a Vietnam vet buddy of Frank Castle's, even going so far as to save Castle's life in battle, to which he swore that Castle owed him a life in return some day. After coming home, Kenyon became a costumed mercenary known as Hitman.

Originally hired to kill Spider-Man, Hitman was tracing the web slinger, who narrowly escaped death multiple times. After providing the tracer to the Punisher and effectively teaming up with Castle, they found out that Hitman had teamed up with the People's Liberation Front (or PLF), a group of extremists who hired him to kill J. Jonah Jameson. After a near escape by Kenyon, and multiple fights leading to the Statue of Liberty, it came down to Spidey and Kenyon both being badly wounded and hanging from the statue's crown. Castle chose Kenyon, who forgave him before falling to his death, claiming that the life Castle owed him didn't have to be his own.

Kenyon could be an effective, yet short-lived villain because of his connection to Castle's past. Netflix could explore a few episodes with Castle torn between his moral duty and the ties of friendship. My choice to play Kenyon would be Liam McIntyre.

Best known for his role on the Starz series Spartacus and a recurring role on the CW's Flash, McIntyre has proven himself as an actor multiple times in my book. Though he wouldn't be in the series for long, he'd certainly give an unforgettable performance in the role.

'Daredevil' returns to Netflix on March 18, with the Punisher's TV debut set to be a high point in the series. When the Man Without Fear meets Frank Castle, how epic will their clash be?



Which Daredevil/Punisher villain do you want?


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