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The Super Bowl has is one of the biggest nights in the United States, as the two top teams in the NFL play it out to see just who is the very best. On Sunday night, we found out that the Broncos had a bit more battle in them than the Panthers. But we also got a glimpse at the new Bourne film, titled Jason Bourne.

Earlier in 2015 I believe, it was announced that Matt Damon who starred in The Martian would be reprising his role as the amnesiac spy we last saw swimming away in the Hudson River. That was back in 2007, and with the ending a bit ambiguous- I had a feeling this would not be the last of Jason Bourne.

I was wondering if the franchise would bring back Jeremy Renner's character Aaron Cross, from the sequel (The Bourne Legacy) to the original trilogy, but it doesn't look that way. Critical reception was not awful, but it failed to capture the feel of the originals. It would be cool for Renner and Damon to eventually team up, in my opinion, I just find it unlikely. However, Julia Stiles is also reprising her role as Nicky from the previous franchise.

But enough of the past, what looks new with this film?

For starters, a couple months back, it was announced that Tommy Lee Jones was cast in a supporting role for the new film. Throughout the series there has been heavy emphasis on how Bourne's actions had been affecting the operatives in search of him, so my best guess is that after reappearing suddenly, Jones's character is the new man on the hunt. This brings his role in The Fugitive to mind, so maybe he'll similarly redeem the protagonist on the run once more.

At 00:13 you see Jones and hear him saying "Why would he come back now?"


The scope of this film looks prestigious, and Matt Damon at 45 looks bad ass as ever. Look at him knock that guy out with one punch! One Punch! I'm excited for this film, it really is starting to look lie yet another great year for cinema and that is a very good thing for us over on MoviePilot!

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