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Okay, we've all heard of the controversy between Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom. And this could be confusing because Doctor doom originally got his powers in the supernova that the Fantastic Four got theirs in, but in the rebooted film of 2015, Victor Von Doom got his powers from the core of his planet. Interestingly enough, neither of these are accurate according to the books. In his first Comic, (Fantastic Four #5) it explains how he was born into a Gypsy family in Latveria, where he gained his magical witchcraft like powers from his Mother. Not a Supernova or a Planet core. That being said, there are other things in the movies that are inaccurate to the comics, such as Doom's first Confrontation with Reed Richards. In Doom's Debut Comic which is listed above, Doom met Richards at a State University in the united states. However an explosion did occur, when Doom was eager to tell his parents of his achievements he created an inter dimensional communication device. Richards stumbled across Doom's notes and pointed out an error. Furious, Doom continued his experiment leafing to a mass explosion. The Explosion however only gave doom a small scar, but his ego wouldn't allow the blemish. He then stumbled across a mysterious order of Tibetan Monks that helped Doom forge the metal with which he would make his mask to cover the small blemish. When the mask was finished, Doom was impatient waiting for it to cool and he put it on anyway. The mask was so hot it melted Doom's skin and molded to his face. Now onto the good stuff. How will this background info help Doom Defeat Strange? Well let's find out.

Doctor Doom has a very specific skillset, apart from his extensive martial arts background. First off, Victor Von Doom even without his mystic abilities is a scientific Genius, able to create things unthinkable literally from scratch. He has a wide knowledge of sorcery as he grew up in it, and here is one that not many people are aware of about Doctor Doom, is that he learned from alien ovoids how to physically transfer his consciousness into the body of another person. Now, to me, that seems like something that just cannot be matched. And obviously his suit enhances his strength and durability and aids him in battle.

In the First Secret War, Doctor Doom gained the strength to kill The beyonder and lead an army if super villains on the battlefield. He then grew to the size of Galactus.

In The Fantastic Four, issues #57-60 Doom actually steals the power of the Silver Surfer.

Now we get into Doctor Strange. How would Doctor Strange defeat Doctor Doom? Well let's find out!

Dr Stephen Vincent Strange, a surgeon from Manhattan. His brilliant career was cut short by an automobile accident which caused minor nerve damage, making him unable to make precise cuts with a scalpel. He then exhausted his fortune searching for a cure, and ended up an alcoholic. Exhausting his last pennies, Strange finally conducted a Serum which would cure his nerve damage but would have side affects. He injected himself, and his shakiness vanished... For about a half hour. Strange then kept seeing what was later discovered to be the future, and discovered his powers taking up the name Doctor Strange. Strange traveled to Tibet to meet his future master The Ancient One, and took up his training growing more powerful every day. Now that you know his back story, we can get into the meat.

Strange has a Greater Mastery of the arts of magic than anyone else on earth's dimension, a superiority in martial arts training, astral projection and mental communication, telepathy.

Strange has actually taken on the living tribunal. And it takes a lot to even get their attention. Not only did he gain their attention, but he full out defeated them. He has as well taken on Dormammu AND Baron Mordo, also slaughtering Umar.

Yeah, this stuff is all well and good, but Doctor Strange has been killed before. The comic series "Doctor Strange" (vol. 2) #1-2, 4-5, Doctor Strange battles the Silver Dagger and Is Killed.

So after learning these things, we learn that in :





There really is no winner. The winner of this fight is for you to decide based on the information you find.

Alright! Hoped this settled some peoples differences.. Peace!!


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