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Oliver Queen has some big decisions to make this week, and the latest poster for the series tells us that the next episode of Arrow is going to be all about Thea. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for last week's episode.)

In last week's episode, 'Unchained,' Thea's refusal to give in to her bloodlust put her into a coma. Oliver struggled to let his little sister do this to herself, and it took Malcolm Merlyn in his surprising role as a caring father to convince Oliver that only Thea can decide how she will cope with the effects of the Lazarus Pit.

At the same time, Nyssa Al Ghul came back into play. With Malcolm back in Star City, Nyssa was able to break out of her cell (with a little help), and reclaim Nanda Parbat for herself. However, she didn't stay long. Instead, Nyssa headed out on a quest (that brought her up against Katana) for a lotus that would heal Thea Queen.

It seemed that this could be the solution to the Queen's problems, as Nyssa appeared in Star City, ready to hand over the lotus antidote. The one problem? Nyssa will only give Oliver the power to heal his sister if he kills Malcolm Merlyn.

The Sins Of The Father

This week, we are going to find out what Oliver does; and from this new poster, it looks like we may find out a little bit more about the enigmatic Malcolm Merlyn.

The poster shows Thea in her Speedy costume, as well as Malcolm as Ra's Al Ghul, with the tagline "The Sins Of The Father Are Revealed."

There's still a lot that we have to learn about Malcolm Merlyn. Earlier this season, it was revealed that he has a history with none other than [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) villain Vandal Savage. We also don't know exactly what he has planned for the League of Assassins, or everything that he did when he first left Starling City to train as the Dark Archer. Which sins might be revealed this week?

Could This Be The End For Malcolm...

With both the episode title ('Sins of the Father') and the poster pointing to a Malcolm Merlyn showdown, could this be the end for his character? It's unlikely, as we are yet to find out what happened with him and Savage, and the writers probably wouldn't kill off two major characters in the space of a few episodes. Remember, there's still that mystery grave to come, and with Malcolm already "dead" (as far as Star City knows) he's not the one in there.

We know from the episode synopsis that Laurel will be having a "heart to heart" with Nyssa, so it's possible that she is able to convince her friend (and her sister's love) to hand over the lotus without demanding Merlyn's death.

... Or For Thea?

Of course, if Nyssa doesn't give up the lotus, it looks like Thea may be the one exiting the series. Many fans have speculated that it is her in the mystery grave, and her death would certainly leave Oliver and Felicity as upset as we have seen them in the flash-forwards.

If Thea gives in to the bloodlust-coma, it could shift Malcolm into an enemy of Oliver's again, or could even pit him against Nyssa in the future. We would certainly see him seeking some serious revenge (and probably blaming himself for not being able to save her).

We'll find out what happens on Wednesday, but for now, check out this preview for 'Sins of the Father' (airs Feb 10th on the CW).


Should Oliver kill Malcolm to save Thea?


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