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He's a billionaire with good looks, a faithful butler, and a spare Batmobile or two.

Whether or not you agree with the casting of Ben Affleck in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, you know how important Bruce Wayne's (Batman's) resources are to him. They allow him to pay for better suits, more effective gadgets, and a sweet grapple gun that would literally rip your arm off if you were to try and use it.

But have you ever sat down and actually tried to think about just how much money Wayne would have to have in order to live the "unorthodox" lifestyle that he does?

Well, Forbes already did it for you!

Although most Batman fans know of Wayne Enterprises, the corporation headed by the Dark Knight, most don't know of the various subsets and shell companies that comprise this DC behemoth.

Forbes' profile of the business tycoon is as follows:

Billionaire playboy continues to dominate tabloid headlines. Gossip columnists insist Wayne broke up Kim Kardashian’s marriage; gadget blogs say he spent more than $100 million outfitting a high-tech “man cave” in stately Wayne Manor. Other reports suggest a penchant for rubber costume play, association with underground fight clubs and questionable activities with teenage “wards.” ­Featured in the Batman comics and films.

So how much is Bruce Wayne worth? That's the real question...

He's worth $6.9 Billion. Give or take a few million.

That means that Bruce Wayne, Batman himself, doesn't have even 1/10th of the money that someone like Warren Buffet ($67B) or Bill Gates ($79.2B) has. Come on, guys! Someone needs to start working on their costume!


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