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Grant Hermanns
There is a lot of hype around Apocalypse, being that it's the final First Class storyline film, as well as (supposedly) Hugh Jackman's final X-Men appearance (outside of Wolverine 3). For Neighbors 2, it looks hilarious, and there have been numerous examples of comedy sequels that work, some even better than the first. 22 Jump Street, Kung Fu Panda, Men in Black 3, the list goes on. As far as Star Trek Beyond, there's still a huge fan base for it, and just because it's mostly green screen doesn't make it a bad movie. Look at the first 300, or Star Wars or The Avengers even. Ice Age I'll give you, they should've stopped after the second one. TMNT has a huge shot at success. While the reboot didn't do great review wise, the box office return was huge, plus the new one is bringing in three beloved characters, and even cast Arrow star Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, many people's favorite out of them all, which will certainly draw in more viewers. And if you saw the first TMNT, which I hesitated to because of Bay, you would know it's actually not as horrible as it looked.

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