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Starman is now considered pretty classic in terms of movies, since it came out over 30 years ago now. Jeff Bridges is the titular character of the movie even though he is never referred to as such.

Starman is a pretty cool movie which tells the story of a recently widowed woman and an alien. The alien crash lands on Earth and of course needs to find a human form. Who better then someone who is deceased?

Karen Allen better known as Marion Ravenwood from Indiana Jones, plays the widowed Jenny Hayden. This is of course a time when she was young and beautiful. She gleams when she smiles and her acting leads the movie as she helps her new companion get acquainted with the world. Just a great lady and actress I think.

Jeff Bridges as an alien is something you really to see to believe as he is just a great actor in general. In this he sees video of Jenny Hayden's husband and correlates that must do as he would do. He tries out everything that he sees be it the middle finger to going to the restroom, to mimicking every sentence he hears. His mouth moves so sublimely as he works hard to not be a perfect speaker. You still hear Jeff's great voice but it is stunted and slow as he really has to work to talk like someone who doesn't know our language.

I do think that his acting in this is just too good. It is a wonder why this movie didn't do as well as it did. I don't really think this movie could be done now, as it may go over some audiences heads because it is so out of the box. If they worked on it a little for this generation I suppose it could work, but really Bridges is the only one who should ever play a character like this!

While the movie is hokey in terms of effects due to it being made in the 80's it is fantastic. The effects in the movie bring it to new heights. It is actually quite amazing to watch it and see how far we have come in only about 3 decades. I really think that this movie is something young people should watch, as it tells a decent story and really shows how far we have come.

The story is pretty generic in terms of movie plot, but it is still decent so works out for it. As the effects are so dated, the generic-ness of the plot seems to work well for itself and it shines.

In conclusion Starman, is a fantastic movie from 80's, and in many circles, it is a classic. If you enjoy extraterrestrials, the almighty dude Jeff, and watching movies from the past, this movie is for you.


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