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This past Thursday, we met Sheldon's Meemaw! Now we are going to find out even more about our favorite group! What could this secret possibly be? Let's think about all the things we could possibly see.


Throughout the series we have heard everyone's last name except one. Penny's last name had never been said! Most of the gang has even been called by just their last name! This mystery could be solved on Thursday.


We all know about his dad, but who is Sam Wolowitz now? After abandoning, not one, but two families, what is he up to? What is his occupation? Why did he leaves them? Will we find out Thursday? Maybe.


There are tons of awesome quotes from The Big Bang Theory but Bazinga is one of the most popular. How did Sheldon come up with it though? Was he inspired by someone? Will we get to meet this person?

The Elevator

Since its inception the elevator in the apartment building that Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon live in has been broken. We were told how it was broken but when will it be fixed? Will this be the end of long conversations on the way to the lobby or to their apartments?


For whatever reason, all the members of The Big Bang Theory hate Aquaman. Is there a real reason? What is so wrong with him that they all dislike this superhero? Will we find out?

There are so many questions that could be answered in the upcoming episode! I'd be elated to find out the answer to any of them. I can't wait for Sunday to come!


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