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It's been a long, hilarious road to Deadpool's big-screen debut. We've laughed, we've cried, we've split our sides realizing just how much Deadpool we were missing in our lives. You can hand it to the fine folks at Fox for launching a marketing campaign to rule all marketing campaigns – one that's understood the foul mind of Marvel's Merc with the Mouth more than we ever imagined.

Here are ten times Deadpool hit us in our chimichangas in all the right ways.

Deadpool by a Roaring Fire

It's hard to remember when we didn't have Deadpool ads in our lives. It was the image above that gave us our very first glimpse into Deadpool's movie makeover almost a year ago and it speaks for itself. The bear-skin rug, roaring fire, the posh pose – this was the Deadpool we dreamed about during many a midsummer's night.

An Emoji to Remember

Not too many superheroes I know of are fluent in emoji, much less on their billboards. Leave it to Deadpool to speak today's youth with the hippest movie billboard ever. This is the only time you'll probably see a piece of smiling poop eyeing a skull, folks. The end is nigh.

Show Me Your Kitties

Everyone loves Deadpool, even the furriest among us.

Oh, Baby

Kids are our future and it looks like Deadpool would agree. Friend to animals, friend to children – is there nothing this guy can't do? And don't worry kids, you'll understand these words when you're older.

Compensating For Something?

Both Deadpool and I agree – bigger is always better when it comes to Mexican delicacies. I could say the same for movies screened in IMAX theaters, something that Deadpool is more than willing to sell me on via his delicious visual aids. I already know I'll be seeing the movie in IMAX, but show me a chimichanga for the ages and I'm there opening day. I'll take mine with extra cheese, please.

Be My Deadpool?

A hard R-rating may keep the kids at home for a change when Deadpool hits, but one of the film's outrageously cute billboards might trick your romantically-inclined other half to see it with you. I love Morena Baccarin almost as much as Wade does by this point – enough to worry about her fate. Don't toy with my emotions, Deadpool, please.

Grumpy, Old Man Logan

If you've stayed away from the Deadpool rumor mill for the past six months, then Wolverine's prescence in Deadpool is murky at best. But if anything could sum up their phenomenal love/hate relationship, it's the very picture you see above as it was posted by Ryan Reynolds this past Christmas on Twitter. It just so happens that Hugh Jackman retweeted it. Coincidence? I sure hope not.

Deadpool's Gonna Give It To Ya

We all love Deadpool. We love parts of him we never thought he had – after the Weapon X program, anyway. No poster could have said it better than the one you see above. Need we say more?

Marvel v DC v Deadpool

If competition breeds excellence, it also breeds a lot of trolls, including one in particular, of the red, white, and black-suited variety. Should we ever see DC and Marvel team up together on cinema screens in our lifetimes, we can only hope Deadpool's there with the spray paint.

Fanning The Flame War

Far be it from Fox to take pot shots at DC alone. Producing two thirds of the superhero movies this year is more than enough of a confidence boost for Fox to poke a little fun at themselves. While it's doubtful Deadpool will be bro-fisting Apocalypse, his movie flame-baiting is more than just a fun poster: it's one of the coolest reminders we've ever had of the greater X-Men cinematic universe. Now if only the Fantastic Four can get in on the action.

What's your favorite piece of marketing? Sound off in the comments below!


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