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Hands down, Harry Potter is one of the greatest book series ever created. The intricate plot, intriguing characters, and elaborate descriptions send you into a world full of wonder and magic. Now that my child is reading Harry Potter, I get to relive the captivating story all over again. However, when I think about the books, I'm reminded of the movies, which I strongly believe did not do justice to the series. Sure, that's a complaint of every fan, but there is so much truth to this statement that I cannot hold my tongue. Despite that fact that J.K. Rowling confirmed that there will be no Harry Potter TV series in the making, I think most fans can agree that she should reconsider. In the age where TV can rival the fandom and audience of any movie, Harry Potter needs television to properly bring his story to life once and for all and here's why.

The Movies Kind of Sucked

I wanted to give the movies the benefit of the doubt, I really did. The special effects were great, and they certainly brought the magic of Hogwarts to life, but there was not enough time to explain the depth of the story. The Harry Potter movies were definitely aimed at an audience who has already read the series. Most of the intricate plot twists were not thoroughly explained and much of the side plots, including Quidditch rivalries and the Weasley twins' shenanigans, were ignored. In my opinion, the movies were reduced to a teeny-bopper version of the original story without capturing the moral and political undertones that were so prevalent in the text form.

TV Shows Give More Time

The story that you can tell in ten 30-minute episodes far bypasses what you can tell in a 2.5-hour film. I understand that my last complaint can be countered with the typical observation that "there just wasn't enough time." Make the series into a TV show and you now have plenty of time to tell the story. In addition, sources like DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu can ensure that the audience will have access to view it.

TV Productions Rival Hollywood

Nowadays, TV productions such as Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead boast visual effects that are worthy of the silver screen. With technology taking the entertainment industry to the next level, TV shows are almost as highly anticipated as the next Hollywood blockbuster. This coupled with the ability to elongate the story could make a Harry Potter television show the next big thing.

I know that there may be Harry Potter fans at my door bearing torches and pitchforks, but if we take an honest look at the changing landscape of entertainment, this may be the next logical step in extending the lifeline of this beloved series. With several popular movie franchises finding success on the small screen, including Star Wars (the Lego series and Star Wars Rebels) and Bates Motel, hopefully J.K. Rowling will follow suit.


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