ByJames Kinsella, writer at

This show is simply a fantastic work, something that is magical yet so much different than Harry Potter which it could be considered similar to. This episode starts off in a twisted world of the past and present fusing together. Quentin imagines a world where he is back in the hospital due to the wickedness of the other dimensional being he has faced before.

The twisting of the two worlds really does show another side of these characters which the audience has just started to get to know. This twisted world shows us how real these characters are, and that even with magic they all have their demons.

I really enjoy seeing these characters out of the fantastical world and in this demented place where they all really have mental issues. But it soon returns to its magical core as Penny returns Quentin back to his senses with his psychic powers.

Seeing Penny as a hero shows that even though Quentin may annoy him friendship is possible between the two. The wicked hedge-witches are terrible people who will stop at nothing to get what they want and are truly the force to be reckoned with.

I hope that the heroes all find a way to be friends as it is clear it will be the only way to combat the vicious witches that work to undermine Brakebills and all it stands for including stealing things from memories to magic itself.

The endings of each episode have been so good because they are all real cliffhangers. You never know what to expect when it comes to the end. I always hope that the heroes of the show will end up better then the end leaves them and so far that has not happened but I'll still hope.

All I can say is that this series is a truly fantastic one, and every episode makes the show better. I can't wait t to see what magical circumstances these troubled magical fools get themselves into next.


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