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I just hope whoever thinks that there is "sexual tension" in the interrogation scene realized what it actually was. Kylo Ren says that he could take whatever he wants, how can you not understand that that is a sexual assault metaphor.

She is physically uncomfortable and he violates and tries to manipulates her mind. He doesn't "scoop her off her feet and takes her away," he literally kidnaps her. Why do you think sweet child Finn was so desperate to get her back? Along with Han and Chewie?

At least Finn respects her, looks up to her, and sees her as an equal, if not someone better than him. Kylo Ren is a piece of trash, who may or may not have a redemption arch in store. But even if he does, it will not be because of Rey. It's clear that he makes her uncomfortable. It's not a story about "a strong female who makes this whiny, dirt bag, star Hitler, white man realize he's been wrong."

It's about Rey overcoming her abuser, stopping the First Order with the help of Finn and the rebels, and becoming a jedi. If Kylo some how does have a redemption arch, it will not be because of this stupid idea that Rey will fall in love with him and change him. And it won't be like everyone is making it out to be. Do you honestly think that after killing the young jedi, betraying not only his parents, but Luke and the whole galaxy really, abusing and torturing Rey and Poe, as well as almost killing Finn, that everyone is just going to easily forgive him? Hell no.

He will probably pay for what he did and in all honesty they shouldn't even try with a redemption arch, but instead just kill him. Just because he has a call to the light, it really doesn't mean much. Anakin was also this way. Sure in a way he had a redemption arch, but it wasn't truly a full one.

Also, just because "Rey being a Skywalker is too predictable" doesn't mean she still won't be. Hell for all we know she could be another Solo. So yes, would still be incest. Don't just start assuming crap, nothing about any of this is cannon, and not to mention, Finn isn't friendzoned." It doesn't exist. They both care way more about each other than Rey does about Kylo. She has no good feelings about this piece of trash.

All in all, choosing to ship "Reylo" is gross. You're basically shipping a victim with their abuser. Stop. It's wrong and disgusting.


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