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First let me start by making this point clear, LEGO Marvel's Avengers is not a follow up of LEGO Marvel Cinematic Universe. This game is about the Avengers. I have to be honest, even though the developers constantly said "this is a game about the Avengers", I was expecting LEGO MCU which like I said, it isn't. In fact this game is so Avengers focused, the four stand alone levels feel out of place.

Anyway, all of that being said, this game is great. It does have flaws, but overall it's a great game. Lets go a little deeper into the good and the bad.

The Good

  • The Characters: Each playable character feels very unique. In past games it felt like they designed a few power sets and then forced that to fit a variety of characters. Avengers makes even similar characters feel unique and specifically fun.
  • The Settings: All of the various LEGO hub worlds pay perfect homage to their real world counterparts. The designers find such fun, creative ways to combine LEGO with real tangible things, not to mention real tangible LEGO. The graphics further expand the experience as well.
  • The Voices: Having Robert Downey Jr's voice paired with LEGO Iron Man makes him an even funnier character, believe it or not. Also, Quicksilver's "You didn't see that coming?!" is 97% funnier coming from a LEGO mini-figure.
  • The Story: The two Avengers films were retold in a smart, funny way that summarized them without really losing anything. The LEGO element also adds it's own classic feel which combines two great loves of mine in a wonderful way.
  • Marvel TV: The LEGO group acknowledges the existence of Agents of SHIELD, why don't the movies?

See?! This game has so many cool, fun little quirks to discover. There are some negatives but they are more specific and nit-picky.

The Bad

  • The Girlfriends Got Recast: The main casts of the movies had their lines dubbed in from the films. The exceptions? Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, and Emily VanCamp. Pepper Potts not being Gwyneth deeply disturbed me. Not to mention, when you attack as Jane Foster it sounds like a 14 year old boy. What's the deal with that?!
  • No More Map: No longer having a full map makes exploring NYC a huge pain. I want Jessica Jones ASAP, but alas, after hours of searching I never found her stupid little LEGO face on the stupid tiny LEGO map!!! In all seriousness though, it's annoying.
  • PlayStation Users Get Preferential Treatment: Platform-ism. That's a new word to describe a new social problem. Platform-ism is the act of being biased toward the users of specific gaming platforms. It's a real problem! All those smug PS owners are out there playing TWO dlc packs for FREE while I have to wait MONTHS to PAY for the same content on my XBOX. The outrage!!!

Seriously though, these are small problems in an otherwise great game. TT games has outdone themselves yet again with the LEGO franchise. LEGO Marvel's Avengers is fun and family friendly and I highly suggest it, especially for anyone who has children or anyone who has parents. The game is available in stores now.


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