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Figuring it out

Getting ready for this holiday weekend? Well, what better movie to see than How To Be Single? This movie will have you laughing, gasping, and if you're anything like me, tearing up. Here are you reasons why you should see it.

1. The Ladies

If you're going to learn to embrace the single life, why wouldn't you take advice from these three amazing women? Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson and Alison Brie kill it. They all made me laugh so hysterically loud. Each woman displays a different type of single woman and you will most likely see yourself in one of them. From Fifty Shades to How To Be Single, Dakota Johnson gives an outstanding performance, funny and lively. As always, Rebel Wilson never fails to make us laugh.

2. The bitter-sweet truth of it all

Do you ever just overthink your life? Well, finally there's a movie that actually acknowledges that everyone has flaws. We're not going to have everything figured out all the time, and making mistakes is a part of life, so lets make some.

3. Not your typical Rom-Com

I went into this movie with only the trailer in mind. I thought it was going to be like He's Just Not That Into You and The Ugly Truth. However, after watching it, I realized it was completely different. We've gotten used to the same endings in every romantic comedy; The guy makes a big, unrealistic, and romantic gesture that wins over the girl and happily ever after. But, this movie will show you that life isn't always what you expect it to be. Personally, I thought it was less of a romantic comedy and more of a feel good movie.

4. The bliss of being alone

Valentine's day is just around the corner and many of us, unfortunately, are single. But instead of staying home wondering why, we should take the time to explore the unexpected. Enjoy, learn, go on an adventure and find out who you are and this movie express just that. It encourages you to embrace the idea of finding yourself, accepting who you are and loving it. In a world where everyone is expected to fall in love and have our lives scheduled, we can be allowed to chill and live life one step at a time.

Check out the trailer.

Overall this movie is totally worth seeing with anyone. A friend, a family member, a stranger or even your boyfriend/girlfriend (wouldn't that be ironic?).

See it in theaters February 12th!


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