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Google is all set to come up with its own streaming service, YouTube Red, to take on Netflix in the market.

A few months ago, it came out that Alphabet’s YouTube wants to take on the most popular on demand video streaming platform, Netflix Inc. The California based company has sidelined almost every business that has come its way and easily leads the domestic and international markets. Despite of the stalled user growth in the United States, only Amazon Prime Video is close to compete against Netflix. On the contrary, all settled businesses in the foreign markets could not battle Netflix and it leads in all 190 countries it has expanded in so far.

The world might be forgetting that YouTube was the first platform which drove the public towards an online TV subscription service and since then other business are copying the model one way or another. YouTube initially started as a video platform which soon became famous for its ‘billions’ of short clips as well allowing normal people to get fame from it. The video streaming platform has turned many normal people into celebrities having an internet connection, a computer, and talent. Now, Google is all set to expand its service into more than just a video platform.

Sources suggest that Google will soon be launching its own premium video service which will be known as YouTube Red. It is believed that this is Google’s strategy to become one of the major holders of the market share among popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu etc.

YouTube Red will charge $9.99 per month and is said to directly battle Netflix for the top position. Content is the king if such companies have to succeed in the market and bring in hundreds and thousands of streaming subscriptions. This is the main reason of as to why the streaming giant is so successful in multiple markets in the online video streaming domain.

Netflix along with other streaming services are paying hefty prices to get access to the licensing of online movies and TV shows. Apart from this, it is also investing a large amount in their own original content as well to compete against the likes of HBO and FX etc. It is still uncertain regarding the content of YouTube Red.

However it offers something which Netflix does not to its subscribers. YouTube Red will come with an extensive music library and will allow unlimited access to its users. As of now, YouTube Red subscribers are allowed to watch anything on the platform without any interruptions of ads. The company is also working on bringing premium content for its loyal customers in the coming future.

This news has been in the market for a very long time but it is not like that Google will not be coming up with its own streaming service.


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