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With Season 7 of The Walking Dead currently on hiatus, I bet most of you are hungry for any Walking Dead tidbits available. So in order to get us in the mood for eight more episodes packed with action, drama and lots and lots of zombie gore, why not check out these 10 show factoids, and let us know which one is your favorite:

1. None of the actors knew how this Season 5 scene would play out

That's right — episode director Greg Nicotero didn't warn the cast that many characters would have their necks brutally slit right in front of them until it actually happened. This was inspired by the famous chest-burster scene in Alien, which also came as a surprise to the cast.

2. Judith was being strangled by her actual dad!

Yep, though it might have looked like Termite Martin was threatening to strangle baby Judith, those hands actually belonged to her father. Phew!

3. The water-in-the-zombie-basement scene was made using finger paint!

Source: Fansided
Source: Fansided

In order to make the water in the flooded food bank basement look as grim as possible, the crew mixed finger paint in with regular water to give it that gross, cloudy look. They also used pieces of cork to float about and look like floating zombie body parts and debris. Yum!

4. Bob's leg was made of pork

Thankfully, the actors who played the cannibalistic Termites didn't actually have to munch down on human flesh. Instead, Bob's severed leg was made from some sort of pork product!

5. Animal activists were onsite to make sure Norman Reedus didn't actually eat worms

I think animal lovers and Daryl fans alike will be pleased to hear this one! The infamous scene in which a starving Daryl resorts to having to eat worms had animal activists on set to make sure that Reedus didn't actually kill the wriggling critter, and simply spat it out afterwards.

6. While fighting walkers in a scene, Reedus ripped off an actor's wig!

That's right! During the bridge fight scene in Season 5 episode "Them," Reedus accidentally ripped off the wig of an extra. As a result, in post-production the special effects team had to alter it to make it look like Daryl had ripped off the walker's scalp — pretty cool fix, right?

7. One of the walkers that attacked Buttons was the animal trainer

In the scene when the horse nicknamed Buttons was brutally torn apart by walkers, one of the zombies was actually Buttons' trainer in makeup! If you look carefully, you can see the trainer holding the horse's neck to keep the animal calm.

Oh Buttons, we hardly knew thee!

8. The photos Sasha shot were of 'Walking Dead' crew members!

In Season 5, Episode 13, Sasha sets out from Alexandria one morning, bringing a stash of framed photos with her to use as target practice. However, the real people in the photos were not residents in Alexandria, but members of the crew!

9. When Rick shaved his beard, Andrew Lincoln's son was upset

Because Lincoln had his beard for four years before he could shave it, when he finally revealed his fresh face to his young son (who had always known his dad as bearded), it elicited quite the emotional response! But after some convincing, his son finally realized that this smooth-faced gent was still definitely Daddy.

10. When Michonne hit Rick, Danai Gurira ACTUALLY hit Andrew Lincoln

During that dramatic scene when an out-of-control Rick is knocked out cold by Michonne, Gurira accidentally actually hit Lincoln! Apparently, as soon as the director called cut, Gurira dove down and hugged her friend. Aaaw!

The Walking Dead returns to screens in February, 2017 on AMC

Check out even more Walking Dead facts below in this video by Cinematica:

Which Walking Dead fact is your favorite?


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