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It seems like decades since the last Harry Potter movie hit our screens but alas, it's only been a mere five years. Regardless, in this short space of time, the young actors and actresses that brought to life the wizarding world have kept themselves rather busy. To celebrate how far the Hogwarts alumni have really come, here's a list of some of the best projects they've been in since bidding a fine farewell to their school uniforms:

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Ever since he's been about 11 years old, Daniel Radcliffe has been the Chosen One — and not just in the Harry Potter movies. In fact, since his foray into the acting world, the British actor has starred as a lead in a great number of projects, both on screen and on the stage. However, it was when he sprouted some devil horns for his role in black comedy Horns that he really stood out. Here he is amidst all the chaos:

2. Rupert Grint

Similarly, Rupert Grint left his goofy Ron Weasley smile behind after the last credits rolled. As well as starring in dark drama Cherry Bomb, he also transformed into a New York rockstar in CBGB. If you ever wanted to see our favorite Weasley in a leather collar, you dreams are about to come true. Oh, and the legendary Alan Rickman is in it too:

3. Emma Watson

Since Emma kicked some serious Death Eater ass as one of the most competent and courageous witches out there, she's gone on to star in a myriad of different movies. However, it was her role in Sophia Coppola's The Bling Ring which firmly severed her adolescent ties to the Harry Potter franchise. After all, goody-two-shoes Hermione would have never broken into someone's house and stolen a bunch of designer clothes, would she? Here's Emma as naughty Nicki dropping it low on the dance floor, amongst other things:

4. Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch played the soft-spoken and wonderfully odd Luna Lovegood in J.K. Rowling's series, so it was surprising to see her step out into a bolder role in G. B. F. Take a look at the trailer, filled to the brim with hilarious one-liners:

5. Bonnie Wright

Ginny Weasley was always pretty on top of things, gallivanting around Hogwarts and placing sloppy kisses on dear Harry, but who'd have thought that her real-life counterpart Bonnie Wright was just as good at screen writing and directing? Since the Harry Potter series, she's put her wonderful name to short movie Separate We Come, Separate We Go, also starring Remus Lupin (or rather, actor David Thewlis). It's definitely worth a watch:

6. Robert Pattinson

Yeah, yeah, yeah... we all know that after good ol' Cedric Diggory got Avada Kedavra'd by Voldy, Robert Pattinson went on to dazzle the entire world with his sparkling vampire shenanigans as part of the Twilight franchise. Yet, that's all waffle in comparison to some of the other projects he's been in, like the dark and rather unsettling Maps To the Stars, for example:

7. Freddie Stroma

As you probably remember, Cormac McLaggen turned into a bit of an idiot when he became a member of the Slug Club and was actually responsible for Gryffindor's embarrassing loss to Hufflepuff. Thankfully, Freddie Stroma also appears in Pitch Perfect where he's smooth AF and takes his top off much to our enjoyment. Below is a clip from the movie:

What is your favorite 'Harry Potter' alumni movie?



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