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Last week, a Redditor ingeniously tried to integrate the concept of wizarding money with our own Muggle currency, giving us fascinating insights into the financial operations at the heart of the Harry Potter world. And now, it seems that another fervent fan has decided to expand on this theory. Just the other day, a Reddit user called NeokratosRed delved into some calculations to try to come up with an estimate of how rich the Boy Who Lived actually was.

Since there is little reference in the book series to how much Harry actually had stored away at Gringotts, this Potterhead took it upon himself to investigate Vault 687 as shown in the first movie. Here's the clip from the Sorcerer's Stone:

Looking closely at the number of Galleons in that one scene, NeokratosRed tried to estimate how many actually lay there. He says:

I first tried to measure width, depth and height of the main pile, and then tried to add the coins to the sides. The pile should have a circular shape, but to keep things simple we can assume a sort of box, since width and depth are different.

The measurements that came up are shown below:

He then added:

Now, this shape resembles a pyramid, and the formula for its volume is given by 'area of base * height * 1/3', so in this case we have (25 * 30 * 75) / 3 = 18,750.

However, looking to another frame (pictured above), NeokratosRed assumed that the pyramid was at least 36 Galleons higher with a base spanning a similar area as the main one. If we're really getting mathematical here, here's a diagram:

Considering all of the above, this brings the original count of Galleons in the main page to 18,750 + (35 * 30 * 25) = 45,000. Looking to the pile on the right again, it can be assumed that the volume gives us (5 * 10 * 35)/2 = 875:

Finally, on the left there are two piles of Galleons, giving a rough number of 1,250. Yet, let's also not forget that these ones are the same height as the base of the pyramid, adding an additional 35 layers. Here's the last equation – 1,250 + 10 * 10 * 35 = 4,750.

This gives us a minimum total of 50,625 Galleons!

And naturally, turning back to the Reddit theory that got it all started, we know that we get $25 dollars per Galleon, giving Harry a minimum net worth of $1,265,625.00!

Yep, you got it — Harry's rich AF!

If you want to read the theory above through in more detail, here it is. Otherwise, join me in thinking up the ludicrous things that the Chosen One could have purchased within the depths of our own bizarre Muggle world with that amount of money:

1. 2,531 of the newest iPad Air 2 model

That fingerprint sensor is pretty magical to be fair.

2. 42 three-day weekends away in Beyonce's swish Superbowl AirBnB pad

At $10,000 a night, I don't know why he'd want to go anywhere else.

3. Five tickets to go up into space with Virgin Galactic

Justin Bieber is going so Harry should probably consider it too.

4. 63,281 waterproof ponchos costing $20 dollars

Channeling that Death Eater look while keeping the rain out is so in right now.

5. Finally, he could also go full-on Gwyneth Paltrow and buy 21,094 vagina steamers

Because a boy wizard has to care for his nether bits sometimes too.

What would you buy with $1,265,625.00?


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