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James Franco has announced that he intends to give Zola's epic stripper story the big screen treatment it deserves, but who would do the best story ever written via the medium of Twitter justice?

Below are my top picks to bring Zola's frantically paced, page-turning epic to life, but do you think they have what it takes to take on the thug life and win?

Teyonah Parris as Zola

Where Do I Know Her From? She's best known for her role as Dawn Chambers, Don Drapers secretary in Mad Men but you might also know her as Coco from Dear White People.

Why Would She Be Awesome? Chambers proved she owned smart, fierce and confident in Dear White People and I can't help but feel that this epic role would be right up her alley.

Best Tweet: It's impossible to choose a Tweet to sum up the storytelling mastery of this bombastic narrator, but this is a pretty good one:

Power to da people.

Taryn Manning as Jess

Where Do I Know Her From? These days, Manning is probably best know for her role as Pennsatucky in Orange is the New Black, but she also starred alongside Britney Spears in Crossroads and in the Eminem biopic 8 Mile.

Why Would She Be Awesome? Manning has proven she has a range that can cover every aspect of Jess's rollercoaster personality. From hard nut to desperate vulnerability, and she can dance to boot. She could slay this.

Best Tweet:

Aaron Paul as Jarrett

Where Do I Know Him From? We all know and love Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, but his long career in TV and movies has been in the likes of The Last House on the Left and Mission: Impossible 3.

Why Would He Be Awesome? A volatile mixture of street smart and sensitive, Paul has the cry face to pull off Jarett's utter despair and is believable enough as a tough guy who has got out of his depth.

Best Tweet:

Idris Elba as Z

Where Do I Know Him From? At the moment there is an enormous amount of buzz surrounding Elba from Beasts with No Nation, but he has a long and varied career including killing The Wire as the terrifying Stringer Bell and popping up in the Marvel universe as Heimdell.

Why Would He Be Awesome? If you've seen The Wire, you'll understand.

Best Tweet:

Who would you like to see in 'Zola Tells All?'


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