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The Merc with a Mouth is finally exploding onto our cinema screens this week. Marvel's R-rated antihero has created a bit of a storm prior to the film's release, helped by viral videos and savvy marketing.

But, now the time is finally almost here, how are the early reviews? Let's take a look at the general round up:

The Movie Is As Funny As We Were Hoping

The Self-Awareness Holds Many Possibilities

True to the comic version, Deadpool is fourth wall breaking and self-aware, which has given an added element to the movie.

Peter Bradshaw, from the Guardian, gave the film 4/5, praising its meta elements. He said:

The meta the better. This seems to be the mission statement for this horribly violent, shriekingly self-aware and macabre Marvel super-antihero movie. The funniest Ryan Reynolds film since Van Wilder: Party Liaison, Deadpool is dripping in irony, zinging and stinging with pop-culture gags

The Opening Credits Are Great

It's Going To Be Fun

As we have gleaned from Fox's marketing videos and the red-band trailer, Deadpool is a film that doesn't take itself too seriously. And it looks like early viewers have found the movie highly enjoyable:

But, Erm, It Definitely Isn't For Kids

Okay, so we know that the movie has an R-rating, but how inappropriate is it?

There'll Be A Cool Cameo

And The Film Even Offers Some Lessons In Love

N'awwwh, how sweet!

Although Let's Not Be Naive — Not Everyone Will Love It

'Deadpool' is finally in cinemas from February 12th.

Have you booked your 'Deadpool' tickets?


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