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What better time to advertise viagra than during the Super Bowl, where millions of men are already standing to attention? The curiously seductive way the blue pill is advertised may raise some eyebrows, amongst other things, but at least the commercials get their point across.

But what about women? Surely sometimes they need a helping hand, too? While appearing on Jimmy Fallon, Zoolander himself, Ben Stiller, introduced his Super Bowl TV (g)spot which was cruelly cut at the last minute, advertising the female alternative. He said:

"There’s all those ads for male viagra, but you don’t hear about female viagra. So I did this spot, it’s more of a public service announcement."

The Spoof Ad Is A Hilarious Rip Off Of Previous Viagra Commercials

The product name itself, sildenafem citrate, is a play on sildenafil citrate, the chemical name for viagra. Yup, that's science.

A softly spoken and seductive Stiller claims, while playing with his ball:

'98% Of Women Suffer From A Condition...'

"...Called not being turned on my their husband anymore.”

Many men desire a little physical attention following the Super Bowl. The problem is, you see, many women just aren't attracted enough to their husbands to play game.

The answer lies with Female Viagra, which can be used on numerous occasions, such as anniversaries...

Or When Your Husband Rolls Over And Says ‘Wanna Have Sex?'

As one can imagine, there are issues with such a product. Should such a treatment penetrate the market, there would inevitably be side effects (you should always read the labia). These include:

"Dizziness, having sex with your husband, and your husband saying 'I'm sorry, was that okay?' and if your husband is over 70, nightmares"

God forbid the intercourse lasts for longer than four minutes, well...

'Just Fake It, And Pretend To Go To Sleep'

Although the commercial wets the appetite, there is no such pill that exists right now. Still, it's a shame this wasn't broadcast. It's fair to say, should the product ever become a reality, there'll be stiff competition to star in the commercial.

You can check out the full video below:

Did you like Stiller's commercial?

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