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Grey's Anatomy will be returning from its three-month hiatus on Thursday, February 11 with a dramatic new episode directed by Denzel Washington. This clip from ABC shows the team at Grey-Sloan Memorial working hard to save Meredith's life after a patient brutally attacks her.

In this new clip, we learn that Meredith's patient had suffered a seizure and was experiencing "postictal aggression," likely part of a fugue state he won't remember. Meredith herself has sustained numerous injuries, including serious bruising and collapsed veins. Her attacker is still be retained in the hospital for treatment.

ABC first leaked the news of Meredith's attack with the following trailer, which shows clips of the violent attack.

The cast talk about the graphic and emotional nature of the upcoming episode in this interview from January.

'Grey's Anatomy' returns to ABC at 8pm EST on February 11, 2016.


Do you think Meredith will make a full recovery?


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