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Now, fan-casting is, of course, and inherently imperfect science. While one fan may see someone as being perfect for a role, there will inevitably be someone else out there who disagrees with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. Sometimes, though, there is a broad enough consensus to be able to forge something vaguely approximating agreement.

Ryan Reynolds, for example, may not have been everyone's first choice to play Green Lantern, but the vast majority of fans have long approved of him playing Deadpool - even after the deeply unpopular X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The next big, Ryan Reynolds-related casting question, though?

Who Should Play Cable if We Get a Deadpool Sequel?

The fan-favorite X-Men hero (and, on occasion, anti-hero) is, after all, highly-tipped to appear in a future X-Project, and his long association with Deadpool makes any sequel to this weekend's mouthiest mercenary-themed movie a likely landing-point.

The question of who should play him, though, has long vexed fans, with Liam Neeson seemingly the current favorite.

When asked by Ron Richards for recently, however...

'Deadpool' Stars Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller Had Some Unusual Suggestions For Who Should Play Cable

The duos main three suggestions?

Barbara Frum

Aka, the acclaimed Canadian journalist (who died back in 1992).

Barbara Walters

Aka, the acclaimed American journalist who is currently 86.

And, of course...

Topher Grace

Aka, the guy from That '70s Show who played Venom that one time and was widely hated for it.

It's almost as though Reynolds and Miller weren't taking the question seriously...

Alright then - Liam Neeson it is.

Who's with me?


Who would you like to see play Cable?



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