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I'll admit it, when I first started watching The Walking Dead, I expected Carol to be killed off pretty swiftly. Following the death of both her abusive husband Ed and her young daughter Sophia, I don't think anyone could have predicted how this meek character would soon rise from the ashes to become the kickass phoenix of today.

Back then Carol had the hair but not the lady balls
Back then Carol had the hair but not the lady balls

However, as an article in SFX magazine has revealed, it wasn't always going to be this way. Speaking to SFX, executive producer and special effects makeup master Greg Nicotero dropped the bombshell that Carol was very nearly killed off in Season 3:

"Not a lot of people know that when we were shooting season three, in the episode where T-Dog died, there was a moment where Carol was going to die in lieu of T-Dog’s character. At that point there was some concern in the writers’ room that they didn’t know where to take her character. So the fact that [showrunner] Scott Gimple and the writers have been able to craft this amazing journey for her just goes to show that there is a tremendous amount of story to tell for a lot of these characters.


The episode in question is Episode 4 of Season 3, "Killer Within," which you might also recall is the episode in which Lori Grimes died.

Thankfully, Carol (obviously) never ended up meeting the bitter end in Season 3, and has even become the one character who comic series creator Robert Kirkman has admitted he would never kill. But at the end of the day, Kirkman isn't the only one making calls in The Walking Dead writing room about who stays and who goes, so fingers and toes crossed that our favorite faux-Wolf will live through to see the end of Season 7!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC in February, 2017


Would you have preferred Carol to die in Season 3 instead of T-Dog?

Source: Nerdist via Games Radar


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