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Toy Story taught us what happens when you're not nice to your toys...

Unlike Sid, Cindy Murphy and Mike Nollan save abandoned baby dolls and Barbies... more or less. Based in Tacoma, WA, these two landfill employees have seen some bizarre stuff get thrown away—and they've made a business out of bringing detritus back from the dead.

Talking about what inspired him to start RePSYCHOlamp, Mike says,

"Working in garbage, there’s always the thought of ‘what do you do if you find a body in the pile?’ Some of the discarded toy dolls have raised the hair on the back of my neck on several occasions."

Rather than let that thrill go to waste, Mike and Cindy collect pieces from the landfill, as well as thrift shops and antique stores. Then they repurpose them into freaky but functional lamps.

Triplets on a Stick

Source: RePSYCHOlamp
Source: RePSYCHOlamp

The product description for 'Triplets on a Stick' boasts an additional function:

"One look at these three wanting/needing faces screams sleeplessness, funlessness and poverty.....the list is endless! Placing this lamp strategically in your home or office will make you think twice before engaging in unprotected sex!"

Yep, these three could definitely kill the mood.

Table Lamp-Aging Gracefully?

Source: RePSYCHOlamp
Source: RePSYCHOlamp

Murphy describes this beauty as,

"a middle aged, pear bodied prom queen...guaranteed to generate conversation and be the center of attention, but for reasons other than she intended."

If you're looking for a conversation piece to liven up a party or even a conversation partner on those lonely nights, she's your girl.

Tyrannosaurus Bitch Lamp

Source: RePSYCHOlamp
Source: RePSYCHOlamp
Source: RePSYCHOlamp
Source: RePSYCHOlamp

Does she remind you of anyone you know? Now you can put this dragon lady in her place... that is, your desk or small end table.

Little Voice Doll Lamp

Source: RePSYCHOlamp
Source: RePSYCHOlamp

What if the little voice in your head was literally another head on top of your head?

Affluenza Girl

Source: RePSYCHOlamp
Source: RePSYCHOlamp

Murphy and Nollan have a whole line of Affluenza girls—creepy characters with bad attitudes. Murphy calls this specimen:

"a doughnut licking, drunk driving, selfie taking narcissist who thinks that, for her, rules and laws do not apply."


Want to bring the magic of repurposed doll parts to your home? Check out the RePSYCHOlamp store on etsy. The pair also sells their art on consignment at Wunderkammer in Freighthouse Square/Tacoma, WA.


How do you feel about upcycled doll lamps?

Check out this interview with artists behind RePSYCHOlamps.


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