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Gwyneth Paltrow testified in court on Monday agains Dante Soiu, a 66-year-old man accused of stalking her and sending threats of both physical and sexual violence for over 17 terrifying years.

Although Soiu has been threatening Gwyneth for nearly two decades, Soiu is facing a felony charge for sending Paltrow 66 letters between 2009 and 2015. These communications included passages where he depicted his plan to use a scalpel "to cut out sin" from the Oscar winner's body.

Dante Soiu
Dante Soiu

Paltrow has also allegedly received packages containing graphic porn and sex toys from Soiu in the past along with a pair of earrings accompanied by a note detailing his intentions to marry the star.

During her two and a half hours on the stand, Paltrow briefly broke down when she revealed that she was worried that Soiu might harm her children. After regaining her composure Paltrow explained she was so scared of Siou because:

"... the communications completely defy logic. I’ve been dealing with his for 17 years with the communications from this man.”

Paltrow later added:

"I felt very upset by it. This has been a very long and very traumatic experience already."

The experience has not been easy for Paltrow
The experience has not been easy for Paltrow

Soiu has pleaded not guilty and his attorney argues that none of the latest communications to Paltrow have been pornographic in nature and maintains that her client is a Christian man who wants to help the star.

This isn’t the first time that Soiu has been charged with stalking Paltrow. In 2000 he was in court for sending obscene letters and packages, but he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and went on to spend several years in a mental institution.

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