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Karly Rayner

Russian cosplayer Kamiko-Zero has been slaying the DC game for years now, but her latest offering as Helena Bertinelli's version of the legendary Batgirl has really owned the cosplay game.

Check out her awesome PVC clad creativity in the stunningly lit photography below:

Kamiko doesn't write about her work online, but the craftsmanship that goes into her costumes is seriously impressive. Just check out that beautifully sculpted helmet!

The golden utility belt is an awesome interpretation of the yellow inking in the comic books, and the picture below will show you just how similar Kamiko's costume it is to Helena Bertinelli's.

To check out more of Kamiko-Zero's work have a look at her Deviantart page HERE.

What's the best Batgirl cosplay you've ever seen?

(Source: Imgur)


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