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There has been much speculation as to whether the new, improved and hyper-charged Deadpool will feature cameos from any X-Men characters. Or, alternatively, if the character will end up in the X-Men universe.

Well, we know that Colossus is in the feature, and we hope Wolverine may make an appearance. But could there be scope for a full on combination of both?

X-Men: Interact At Their Own Peril

In an interview with Filmstarts, Ryan Reynolds was asked for his view on an IMDB item of trivia which claims this version of Deadpool is different from Wolverine due to a change in timeline in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In response, Reynolds said:

"If it were Deadpool, he could tell Days of Future Past to take its timeline and go f*ck itself. We make fun of the timelines in the movie. But no, Deadpool is not effected by that at all.

"Deadpool I think is just his own thing, his own universe. Anytime that the X-Men sort of interact with Deadpool in his universe they do so at their own risk and peril."

'I Feel He's An Alter Ego To Me'

Hmm... So if we take what Reynolds quote directly, we could assume that Deadpool won't be appearing in any X-Men movies, but any X-Men character could appear in Deadpool or any sequels.

Of course, he could just be toying with the idea. After all, where Reynolds ends and Deadpool begins is uncertain. The actor himself confirmed the two were very similar.

When asked if he was a fan of comic books or just Deadpool specifically, he added:

“It’s especially Deadpool, I feel he’s an alter ego to me, I relate to him. I feel like we’re mirror images of each other, my wife always says am I talking to Deadpool right now, or my husband? I say both”.

And that's exactly how it should be.

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