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So first things first. You might be wondering where Amedot came from. Well, if you haven't seen the Steven Universe Season 2 Episode "Too Far" then I suggest you go and watch it before you continue reading.

Okay so, In my opinion: Yes, it is totally canon. I mean, really. In the episode "Too Far", The drill that the gems are working on goes insane. Then, It comes zooming at Amethyst. That's when our favorite space dorito comes in and saves the day by jumping on top of her so the drill does not hit her. Dust clears, and we are left with this picture:


Yes, I know what you are thinking. "HOLY **** WHY IS THIS ON A CHILD'S CARTOON?!" And I understand. Sure... This can be "Strange..." But that's not the point. The point is, Amethyst wasn't doing anything about it. It makes you wonder... Did she want this? That is for you to decide.

Earlier on in the episode, Peri, Steven, And Amethyst were at the kindergarten. Thats where Peri said some insensitive things about Amethyst being defective. This gets Amethyst pretty T'd off. When they get back to the barn, Peri discovers that Amethyst is ignoring her. Steven explains how she hurt Amethyst. That's when She records an apology and plays it for Amethyst and Steven.

Then all is forgiven and everything is fine and dandy.

So... Do you think Amedot is canon?


Is Amedot cannon


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