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After watching the third episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow titled Blood Ties that aired on February 4th this past weekend, I noticed something so blatant, and so frustrating, that it gave me no choice, but to write about it. I don't tend to dissect TV shows or movies. I leave that to the good people of Screen Junkies and their Honest Trailers, and Cinemasins, but this was too tempting to pass up.

Be warned if you haven't seen this episode or any episode this season, because there are major spoilers ahead.

On that episode of DC's Legend's of Tomorrow, our rag tag team of nobodies found Vandal Savage for the second time in as many weeks, something that they are currently finding very easy to do given that they have to go into stealth/infiltration mode to bring him down. During the entire mission to infiltrate the bank where Savage holds his money, the Professor and Ray (Atom) were back in the ship trying to remove shards of the dagger that are attempting to enter Kendra's heart, which ultimately killed her, but I'm not going to go into a full episode review. This has to do more with the climax of this episode and the mishandling of it.

Rip and Sara locate the mansion where Savage is currently holding the body of Carter for a ritual. They infiltrate the ball and with a little butt kicking, locate Carter's body, which is currently awaiting the ritual.

As per every episode so far (two) this season, they get made and captured by Savage and his followers. They are then forced to watch Savage slice up Cater's body in order to allow his most loyal minions to drink his blood and live longer.

During his whole evil monologue we see that Savage is wielding the dagger, which happens to be the only object capable of killing him. It's also the same dagger that killed Carter and needs to be wielding by Kendra in order to put an end to Savage.

Of course, right on cue the cavalry arrives to attempt to save the day, and this is where things took a very sharp nose dive South for me. During this entire battle in the confines of this mansion. Rip manages to separate Savage from the dagger and then tackle him to the ground.

During their altercation and exchange of punches, Rip manages to get the upper hand on Savage, which from what can be seen, is basically powerless without the dagger. At this point, Rip remembers his family and lets Savage know what their names are. Savage responds letting Rip know, that now he knows their names.

Rip then does what he couldn't do in his first attempt at ending Savage, and slices his throat to avenge his family.

Savage reminds Rip (and the viewers) that he cannot be killed by him or anyone else. He also let's him know that he will eventually heal and continue to go after them. At this point Savage is completely incapacitated and unconscious.

Here, this is where I sat up and said to myself, "OK, you got'em." For some apparent reason, Rip's concern for Sara and the fact that she seemed to be butchering one of Savage's minion took an unexpected priority.

Currently within Rip's line of sight, he has the only thing that can kill Savage, the dagger, and an incapacitated Savage, with no one else but Sara around. So, let me summarize this again in a short list to make sure I'm not crazy and you as the reader are following what I'm trying to say.

Currently in the room:

  • Rip
  • Sara
  • Savage (Unconscious)
  • The Dagger

I know what you are thinking.

After watching and putting all that together. They had the ultimate chance to take Savage, and the dagger back to their ship and put them in a holding area until Kendra got healthy enough to put an end to Savage before he begins the rain of terror he is going to put on the world. The one thing that actually triggered this post about this episode occurred right before the end of the episode.

Kendra, Rip, the Professor, and Ray were all back in the med bay. Kendra offers her thanks for what they did for Carter, and Rip admits that teamwork got it done at the end of the day. Then the Professor spoke, and that's when the light came on. This is his exact quote.

Now, if we can only figure out a way to rest the al mar dagger out of Savage's hands and into yours (while looking at Kendra).

That's when the confusion set it. Rip shot the dagger our of Savage's hand, he then had the dagger and Savage laid out on a platter, but for some unsaid or unforeseen reason, he left them both behind. Yes, I know that this is a little nit picky, but when it's right there in front of you and no one is even trying to hide the fact, it's very hard to ignore.

Their entire mission is to stop Vandal Savage at all cost and through all times, but it just so happen that they ignored all those facts when they had them in the same room. This is by far an oversight during the writing, production and editing of the show, and for all we know, there is a deleted scene out there that would explain the total lack of mission priorities on Rip's part. As a fan, I feel kind of slighted to think that the show runners would actually think that something like that would slip by unnoticed. I can't imagine I am the only one that noticed, nor am I the only one that wrote about it, but I haven't seen anything on this so far.

Either way, the show is actually failing to mention one very important detail about altering time. Whether by design or just forgotten. If they were to be successful in stopping Savage in the past, then none of them actual ever take this adventure, and it's hard to become a legend, when no one knows what you did.


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