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You can keep Breakfast at Tiffany's and forget the diner scene from Reservoir Dogs, this pancake day there is only one thing you should be watching: Sabrina The Teenage Witch and the Season three episode Pancake Madness. It is so good, even Melissa Joan Hart herself revealed that Pancake Madness is one of her favourite ever episodes. So start flipping, here what makes it so great.

Pancake Madness is a nodding reference to the 1969 short Winter of the Witch, where a group of children were transfixed by magic buttery blueberry pancakes, accompanied with LSD like visuals. With a walking maple syrup jug and Salem inside a stack of pancakes, it is clear to see the similarities.

The episode starts with Sabrina questioning why the Spellman household never have pancakes for breakfast. After conjuring up a syrupy stack, Sabrina's aunts Hilda and Zelda ban her from ever eating pancakes.

No pancakes, not in this house, not ever- Aunt Hilda

A dark family secret (no not THE family secret) is that no Spellman can resist the taste of pancakes. This being Sabrina, it is clear that the rebelling teenager won't heed her aunt's advice.

One bite and you won't be able to stop- Aunt Zelda

In an additional blooper, Sabrina has been seen eating pancakes in the pilot episode, so when did she develop her addiction?

1) Salem believes in a nutritious breakfast

2) By Season three they just weren't trying as hard with rhymes

3) Sabrina teaches us the Dos and Don'ts of foraging

4) Meanwhile Hilda is in trouble with Witch Immigration

5) Who said love was dead?

6) Nothing like a midnight snack

7) Libby proving she is the Cordelia Chase of Westbridge High Scool

8) The World Pancake eating Olympics

9) Sabrina goes full Violet Beauregarde

10) One of the catchiest songs to EVER grace our screens

11) Nuff' said

12) Meet Mrs. Mapleton

13) Sound advice from a human syrup dispenser

14) Even in 1998 Hanson wasn't relevant

15) Happily ever after Sabrina kicks the habit

16) But it looks like Sabrina isn't the only one with a problem

Sadly the episode of MTV Cribs doesn't show MJH to have any pancakes in her fridge, but we do get to look round her palatial mansion (complete with waterfall). Sabrina The Teenage Witch ran for another four seasons, three movies and an animated series, but we never again reached the sugar rush of Pancake Madness.

How do you like your pancakes served?


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