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Gravity Falls has really pulled out all the stops with Weirdmageddon, the multi-episode grand finale which the entire show has been building towards for a long time. We've just got the 1 hour final episode to go, and as we draw closer to that big event, Disney has released teaser trailers and featurettes for fans to dissect.

Its obvious that Take Back The Falls will be a huge event, chock full of twists and dramatic moments to really end the show on a high note. So what can we expect from the finale? There's actually a lot we know already...

One Of The Characters Will Die

The idea that one major character would die before the end of season 2 has been foreshadowed for a while now. Months ago, Alex Hirsch hinted as much on his Twitter account...

Of course this could be alluding to the mayor of Gravity Falls, who died soon after this Tweet was published. But the clues started to stack up again that one of the Pines would die in the finale: a code at the end of Weirdmageddon II suggested not all the Pines would "survive", and now this synopsis for Take Back The Falls has dropped another hint that one will die...

Ford discovers Bill’s true motives and then a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family’s ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice.

"Greatest sacrifice" definitely sounds like it could be referring to death, but knowing Gravity Falls this could also mean something weird but terrifying like being trapped in another dimension, or erased from all existence.

In Gravity Falls, portals are par for the course.
In Gravity Falls, portals are par for the course.

So who's going to be the character who meets this dreadful fate? There are a bunch of clues that Grunkle Stan will die, but considering the latest teasers, Ford looks more likely...

Stanford v Bill: The Final Showdown

One of the promo trailers shows Stanford finally getting free from Bill's trap, and it looks like the two of them are about to go head-to-head in an epic final battle. There's also a lot of hints buried in the quick-fire footage... check it out!

It's difficult to work out what's going on, but after being frozen in gold for two episodes, it looks like Ford is about to make an epic re-entrance... but will he die before the episode ends? There are a few reasons why we think Stanford is the most likely to kick the proverbial bucket, and most of it comes down to the epic fight he and Bill seem to be having in the trailer.

After being out of commission for the majority of the Weirdmageddon arc, Stanford looks like he's going to jump back into the action and battle with Bill Cipher. This makes sense, as ultimately a lot of the problems in Gravity Falls were caused by Bill and Stanford's deal-gone-sour. But their battle takes a turn for the weird and wonderful, as hinted by this shot...

Stanford's gone up in the, uh, galaxy.
Stanford's gone up in the, uh, galaxy.

So what's going on here: is that Ford in the middle of the galaxy? Is Stanford taking Bill's powers as a result of their battle? Has he made another deal with Bill and betrayed his family? With all the weirdness going on in Gravity Falls, literally anything is possible, and this could be leading up to that "ultimate sacrifice" clue from the synopsis. (Which, knowing Alex Hirsch, won't be as simple as just death.)

But whatever happens, there is one thing Hirsch has promised us...

A Satisfying Conclusion

It might be sad that Gravity Falls is ending, but Alex Hirsch had deliberately planned a two season story arc. To continue beyond its natural conclusion would feel forced, so it's probably good that we're getting the finale Hirsch always envisioned. In this featurette, the cast explain how the finale is important to them.

"This finale shows how we always imagined our characters to reach their conclusion, so I hope fans feel the same way."

So for all the foreboding clues and concerning hints, we can rest assured that Gravity Falls will end exactly as it's meant to, with a satisfying resolution. And we can't wait to find out what happens!


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