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In the next few years, the DC Extended Universe is likely going to take over our lives, making us wonder how we have lived without it.

However, everyone has to start from somewhere... even A-Listers and superheroes. In other words, here is a compilation of some of the future stars of the DC Extended Universe's early acting gigs, thank you for reading:

Ben Affleck in 'Glory Daze' (1995)

Ben Affleck was not always Batman and an Academy Award winning director and screenwriter.

For instance, in 1995 he starred alongside Sam Rockwell and Alyssa Milano in the poorly received independent comedy Glory Daze. An interesting fact about the movie is that Matthew McConaughey, Meredith Salenger, Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser, and Leah Remini all have minor roles in it.

Henry Cavill in 'Laguna' (2001)

The Italian-Canadian (what a combination) small budget thriller Laguna (2001), marked Henry Cavill's film debut.

Little did the then 18-year-old actor expect that years later he would fulfill one of his dreams and play the Man of Steel himself – Superman.

Gal Gadot in 'Bubot' (2007)

Before embarking on an acting career, Gal Gadot won the 2004 Miss Israel competition and served for two years as an enlisted soldier in the Israel Defense Forces.

The Israeli TV Series Bubot (2007) marks her first ever acting gig, albeit a Hebrew, not an English speaking role.

Jason Momoa in 'Johnson Family Vacation' (2004)

Christopher Erskin's Johnson Family Vacation (2004) (the only movie he has directed so far) features one of Jason Momoa's first movie roles.

Momoa first had a relatively successful modeling career but later decided to focus on acting. A decision that Game of Thrones and DC Comics fans I'm sure highly appreciate.

Ezra Miller in 'Californication' (2007-2014)

Before his breakout role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), Ezra Miller appeared in the second season of the successful comedy TV Series Californication.

The above clip sees a 16-year-old Miller in an absolutely hilarious scene with David Duchovny.

Ray Fisher in 'The Good, the Bad and the Confused' (2008)

Unfortunately, Ray Fisher hasn't appeared in anything apart from plays, the short film The Good, the Bad, and the Confused (2008) and an episode of The Astronaut Wives Club (2015).

Hence, footage of his previous acting work proved impossible to find. However, I am sure that this will change very, very soon.

Jared Leto in 'The Last of the High Kings' (1996)

The coming of age movie The Last of the High Kings (1996) is about the birth of punk music, the death of Elvis Presley and the various dramas of teenage life.

The film features Jared Leto alongside Christina Ricci, Catherine O'Hara and Gabriel Byrne.

Margot Robbie in 'Vigilante' (2008)

I know what you are thinking, before starring in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Margot Robbie has been in some weird movies and TV series, and you are right.

The shoestring budget ($1,100,000) Australian revenge action flick Vigilante (2008) sees Robbie in her first movie role ever.

Will Smith in 'Six Degrees of Separation' (1993)

One of Will Smith's first roles in a major motion picture was in the comedy-drama Six Degrees of Separation (1993).

The movie was a success with critics and had a star-studded cast featuring Stockard Channing, Donald Sutherland, Ian McKellen, Heather Graham and even J.J. Abrams. For her role as Ouisa Kittredge, Channing even received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Viola Davis in 'City of Angels' (2000)

The short-lived TV series City of Angels (2000) is one of Viola Davis's first acting gigs.

Yet, just a year later in 2001 she had her breakout role and won the Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for her portrayal of Tonya in King Hedley II.

Cara Delevingne in 'Anna Karenina' (2012)

Albeit, a non-speaking role, playing Princess Sorokina in the 2012 film adaptation of Anna Karenina, marked Cara Delevingne's movie debut.

Aged only 23, her career is definitely on the rise and Delevingne has several movies in the pipeline, one of which is obviously Suicide Squad (2016), in which she will play Enchantress.

Jesse Eisenberg in 'The Squid and the Whale' (2005)

The Wes Anderson-produced arthouse comedy-drama The Squid and the Whale (2005) was a massive critical success and it was one of the movies that successfully introduced Jesse Eisenberg to audiences.

Amy Adams in 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' (1999)

The mockumentary black comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) was Amy Adams's film debut.

Not so long after, Adams established herself as one of Hollywood's leading actresses, receiving five Academy Award nominations in the process.

Michael Shannon in 'Groundhog Day' (1993)

The legendary comedy Groundhog Day (1993), starring Bill Murray and Andy McDowell, is actually Michael Shannon's film debut.

Although, he had a small part in the movie, due to the nature of the film Shannon spent a large amount of time on the set of Groundhog Day. Not a bad way to kick-start your career, eh?!

Jeremy Irons in 'Love for Lydia' (1977)

Jeremy Irons starred in a lot of TV series' in his early career and the 13-part adaptation of H.E. Bates's novel Love for Lydia (1977) was one of them.

Just a year later, he attracted considerable attention for his role as a pipe-smoking German student, alongside Judi Dench in Harold Pinter's screenplay adaptation of Langrishe, Go Down (1978).

Chris Pine in Confession (2005)

The independent direct-to-video film Confession (2005) is Chris Pine's only third ever movie role.

As it is well-known, before that he starred in the poorly received The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) alongside Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in 'Be Cool' (2005)

In the early stages of his acting career, The Rock wasn't one of the world's most recognizable and well-paid actors.

Take for instance Be Cool (2005), where he plays a Samoan gay bodyguard, who is an aspiring actor. Maybe not exactly his type of role...

There you have it! Thank you for reading! Which early acting gig of the stars of the DC Extended Universe did you enjoy most?


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