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Fire Emblem Fates is due to receive its release date for the Nintendo 3DS system on February 19 in North America. Japanese fans have been able to indulge in Intelligent Systems' title since June 25, 2015, and the only real reviews we've heard from the other side have come from Famitsu (who I haven't always agreed with when it comes to review scores).

However, some fans who've been lucky enough to acquire an early copy of Fire Emblem Fates have been eagerly sharing their views on the latest installment in the beloved Fire Emblem franchise. You could call it a review of sorts, but the embargo hasn't been lifted for that just yet ;)

In Review: Fire Emblem Fates Has Fans Thrilled

Fire Emblem Fates
Fire Emblem Fates

One of the most notable fans to come forward about Fire Emblem Fates was Polygon's very own Video Producer Nick Robinson, who also happens to be huge fan of Fire Emblem. He took to YouTube last week and streamed 2 hours of the English localized version Fire Emblem Fates on the 3DS. In his own words, he is "thrilled" by what it has to offer. This release date can't come fast enough...

Can we just point out that this guy's favorite game of 2014 was Fire Emblem Awakening. High praise right there. Though we may not entirely agree, it's probably the greatest game on the 3DS. In any case, in the above stream, Robinson guided us through the difficulty settings, the character creation options, and then on through to the actual game.

There is a HUGE disappointment early on though, where we all realize that the game doesn't support dual audio as Awakening did. No Japanese voices for us, I'm afraid. This might upset a lot of fans, and who could blame them! However the game gets a lot better from this initial low-point.

Loving Those Characters

Fire Emblem Fates
Fire Emblem Fates

Robinson later took to Reddit and answered tons of questions that fans may have had about Fire Emblem Fates. Most of the questioning focused on the characters of the game, as well as confirmed names and personalities for the English localization.

As a guy that adored Awakening, Robinson demonstrated a great amount of love for the brief amount of time he had with Fates during the livestream. However, this has grown since last week as he recently stated that he's "completely and hopelessly in love" with the game and its captivating characters.

Looks like we could have another Awakening on our hands, people! Let us know if you're exited for Fire Emblem Fates in the comments below.


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