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(Warning - the following contains theoretical SPOILERS for future episodes of AMC's Preacher, as well as casting details. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, when it comes to casting, there are two – equally legitimate – approaches to adapting a beloved comic-book series or novel for television. You can take the cable route, and combine one household name with a whole lot of relatively unknown character actors, and trust in the material to bring an audience, or you can go the major network 'all-star' route, and hire as many big names as you can in the hopes that people will turn up to see their favorite stars.

AMC's Preacher, it seems, isn't settling for either. With an eclectic cast of (largely British) character actors spearheaded by the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Dominic Cooper, it had appeared to be going the full Game of Thrones route – until, that is, this happened:

'Preacher' Just Added Geek Legend Jackie Earle Haley To The Cast

A.k.a., the fan-favorite actor perhaps best known for playing Rorscach in Watchmen, but also fondly remembered for roles in Robocop, Human Target and the Nightmare on Elm Street remake (as Freddy Krueger himself).

Who, it seems, is now set to be playing a particularly notable villain from Preacher's comic-book back-catalog: Odin Quincannon. Described in his imminent TV form as...

"...a small, decrepit man with the unscrupulous iron will necessary to be the most powerful man in Annville County, Texas. The chief employer in town, Odin runs Quincannon Meat & Power, a 125-year-old family run cattle slaughterhouse business."

...Odin is perhaps best known to comic book fans as, uh, the dude who had sex with meat.

Which, a) is likely to make for one hell of a cold open, and b) suggests that Jackie Earle Haley might just be set to give one of the most memorable performances of his career. Odin, after all, is just about as crazy – and as dastardly – as they come, and Haley has pretty much made that his specialty at this point. What's more, he's set to appear in 6 of the show's 10 first season episodes, so we're likely to see a lot of ol' Quincannon (and quite possibly even more of his meat).

The big question now?


Does Haley's casting make you even more excited for Preacher?

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