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As we've all learnt by now, Marvel Studios has the uncanny ability of churning out endlessly watchable movies, and some that... definitely aren't but are still alright enough for you to shrug and "meh" to.

But, despite the outsourcing of their IP to LEGO and the successes of Disney's Infinity franchise, Marvel's grip on the video games market has been rather lacklustre when compared to the MCU's redefinition of movie consumption.

MCU got me like...
MCU got me like...

Saying that though, Marvel games have done outrageously well on mobile. Titles like Spider-Man Unlimited, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Avengers Alliance have been funnelling cash straight from Marvel fans' pockets and to the big M themselves.

Which is where Marvel and TinyCo's new mobile game Avengers Academy comes in. With the superior premise of taking our cinematic Avengers, sans Hawkeye, corraling Wasp and Loki for good measure and ageing them all down to teenagers and sending them off to superhero college, Academy brings the angsty hi-jinx of teeny Stark and co. to your mobile device.

"We were the leaders of it alllll, sooo..."
"We were the leaders of it alllll, sooo..."

They even managed to nab a pretty dope cast consisting of Alison Brie as Black Widow, Colton Haynes as Thor, Bella Thorne as Tigra, Alexandra Daddario as Wasp and who else than John Cena as Hulk.

Looks pretty good, no? Fun and all that? Well, unfortunately critics haven't held back their disdain for what pretty much is a The Simpsons: Tapped Out clone. The main reason being it's a game with next to no gameplay, seeing as you'll be waiting for literal hours as one of your teeny team of heroes carries out a timed mission that will reward you with a little gold - the game's currency.

And you can be social on campus!!! FINALLY!
And you can be social on campus!!! FINALLY!

And that's basically the premise! Mine through tasks that could take 8 hours to complete, unlock some stuff then mine again, again and again. Such a shame.

With a roster that boasts some of the coolest heroes and villains pop culture has ever churned up, you'd think that the big M would be jumping at the chance to parter with AAA devs and creating the next best superhero epic a la Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy.

Instead they churn out lazy mobile games intended on separating you from your hard earned cash and burning it on the vital microtransactions you'll have to buy if you don't want to wait a week or something for Thor to stop combing his hair, so you can unlock a new jacket for Captain America.

One day, one day we'll have a Marvel AAA title based on the MCU that's as good as Avengers or The Winter Soldier. Until then... read from the above.

What's your favorite Marvel game?


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