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Things come and go. It's how life works. Nevertheless, it's sad when things leave early. Most recently, the show Angel From Hell staring Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson, has been cancelled. Let us take, a moment of silence...

The show Angel From Hell is a one camera sitcom about a woman named Amy (played by Jane Lynch, known from Glee) who is claiming to be the guardian angel of a woman named Allison (Played by Maggie Lawson, known from Psych). The show was only on its first season. The season is set to have only twelve episodes, and the newest episode (6th) is set to come out on February 11th. What is odd is that it has had fairly good reviews. It has a 6.3 on IMDB, which doesn't seem high, but the most recent episodes have received a seven and higher on the scale.

It's weird when shows get cancelled or when a character dies, because you're essentially watching someone get fired. Best of luck to Maggie and Jane, they are very talented people. Jane Lynch has a few projects coming out in the near future, including a new show titled Dropping The Soap. Lets hope this show can stay afloat.

What do you think? Should a show get cancelled when it has so little episodes? Let us know down in the comments!


Have you seen Angel From Hell? Did you like it?


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