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So you think you’re favorite movies are flawless and perfect… THINK AGAIN. Most movies, while great and classics, are far from perfect when you really sit down, analyze and think about them. Get ready to have your favorite movies ruined by facing the harsh truths. Also, as to be expected, SPOILERS!!!

10. 'The Hangover' - Killing Time?

The Hangover centers around four friends who go to Vegas for a bachelor party but things get out of hand. They wake up the next morning to find that they have zero memory of the previous night, pissed off the wrong people and worst of all… the Groom is nowhere to be found. They eventually find out, 2 days later, that he’s been stuck on the roof of their hotel the whole time… so what did he do for two days up on the roof? He never tried to signal for help, knock on the door to the stairs or anything.

Seems a little weird that he just sat there on the roof for almost 2 days in the hot sun doing absolutely nothing. I mean, sure he tried to throw the mattress from the roof to get someone’s attention but was that the only thing he really tried, seems pretty lazy if you ask me. When they find him, he seemed to have enough strength and willpower to stand up and knock Bradley Cooper to the ground and also talk in complete sentences.


Not to mention that his health would be critical because he was in the blazing hot sun for quite some time in the desert without water or food while getting very badly sunburned. Screw getting married, get this guy to a hospital or McDonalds.

9. 'Ghostbusters 2' - What happened last time?

Remember the first Ghostbusters movie? So many people call the Ghostbusters for ghostly troubles, a giant marshmallow man rampages through the streets and a demon God threatened to destroy the city… So, how are there still skeptics in New York after everything from the first movie?

The Ghostbusters even had the Mayor of New York siding with them in the first movie but in Ghostbusters 2, they’re almost put in prison for being fakes and crooked con men. The Judge and the Mayor’s assistant seemed to have completely forgotten what happened in the previous film. Seems too much like a rehash of the first, much better film.

8. 'The Karate Kid' - What are the rules again?

Karate Kid is a silly '80s sports movie that follows a teenager named Daniel who learns to be a master of karate from a wise old handyman. He wants to learn karate because the bullies at his school are psychopaths who beat him and take way too much pleasure in doing so.

When Daniel feels he’s become pretty good at his craft, he decides to enter a tournament against the kids who bullied him. The rules specifically state that any shots to the face will result in no points or points lost… So how did Daniel win the final fight when he kicked his opponent in the face. Not that I don’t like it when bullies are put in their place but it still makes no sense.

Daniel was taught a move that, apparently, is impossible to defend. Well, all I saw was a simple jump kick and it hit the bully right in the face. If I were a judge, I would disqualify his cheating butt.

7. 'The Avengers' - Did Thor try to murder Captain America?

Yes all comic book geeks of the world… Your nerdgasm of a movie is not the perfect piece of cinema you thought it was. After Iron Man and Captain America have captured Loki to bring him back to base, they are intercepted by Thor who quickly steals Loki away to a secluded location.

This leads to a big brawl between Iron Man and Thor that ends with Captain America breaking them up. Captain America tries to cool the situation down by telling Thor that they fight for the same side. However, Thor still tries to attack Captain America with a literal crushing blow that Captain America blocks with his shield… But Thor didn’t know how powerful Cap’s shield was.

It’s shown that Thor believes that most humans are tinier, weaker and less capable of combat than he is. So when he attacks what he thought was a simple man, did he intend to knock Captain America down for good. We’ll probably never know.

6. 'Die Hard With A Vengeance' - What was the plan again?

While none of the Die Hard sequels are masterpieces, they are still enjoyably exciting and fun movies, one of the best of the series being the third installment, Die Hard with a Vengeance. The film follows McClane and a shopkeeper named Zeus who must solve different puzzles given to them by Simon Gruber, the brother of the first film's antagonist.

However, it’s revealed that McClane was nothing more than a distraction so Simon and his men could break in and steal from Fort Knox. So if McClane was needed to pull off this heist perfectly, why would he make him go into the middle of Harlem and wear a sign that reads “I hate n-----s ” where he would most likely get killed.

Even Simon states that he went through a lot of trouble to set up a violent group of gang members to dispose of McClane. He couldn’t have predicted that a simple shopkeeper would save his life and even join him on his adventure. Like Simon says, “You should have planned ahead."

5. 'Django Unchained' - What year is it?

Believe it or not, there are lots of issues with this movie’s historical accuracy with its props. I can’t go listing all of them on this list because we’ll be here all day but I will tackle the one that makes the explosive ending a huge plot hole. The movie seems to end with Django's defeat as he has been sold to a cruel mining company; he soon escapes from their clutches and steals all of their dynamite.

Django plants dynamite all through Calvin Candie’s mansion and blows it to bits with Stephen the Butler still inside. But this movie takes place in 1858 and dynamite wasn’t invented until 1864 in Germany and it wasn’t sold in the United States until 1867. Unless someone from the mining company was an explosives genius, I’d call this a definite plot hole.

4. 'Edward Scissorhands' - Quick Free Delivery Service?

Edward Scissorhands is one of those movies that probably looked really weird on paper to the people who green-lit this film. The movie follows a man who has been “cursed” with having scissors for hands. This causes him to become shunned by the public and separated from his true love. He spends most of his days creating ice sculptures in his empty house.

But wait, where did he get the ice again? That’s right, it’s never actually explained where Edward gets the ice for his sculptures. You could make the argument that he has the ice delivered but if he’s being shunned by society then by who, and with what money to pay for such large amounts of ice? Something just isn’t right here. I know I shouldn’t nitpick because it’s suppose to show what a gentle artist he really is but it’s hard to ignore this sore thumb of a plot hole.

3. 'Back to the Future Part 2' - Complicated Time Travel

The second part of the Back to the Future trilogy was where the series got not only complicated, but more annoying. Come on, who else thought that it was annoying that this movie was basically just a fight over a book about sports. The film begins with Marty and Doc visiting the future to stop Marty and Jennifer’s future son from being arrested and while they succeed, Marty buys a Sports Almanac so that when he goes back in time he can bet on all the sports events and win big. Doc tells him that he can’t do that and throws the Almanac away, only for older, future Biff to pick it up.

Biff picks it up, somehow uses the time machine flawlessly to give the Almanac to his past self and return to the future. Wait, if Biff gave the Sports Almanac to himself in 1955 then how is he returning to the same 2015 with Doc and Marty. It’s not until they go back to 1985 that they realize that Biff has basically become Donald Trump, so why did nothing change when Biff returned to 2015 from 1955. There are a few fan theories about this but, unfortunately, none of them hold any water.

2. 'Reservoir Dogs' - Who shot who?

While a great movie and sort-of prequel to Pulp Fiction, let’s really analyze that Mexican stand-off near the end of the film. While Joe and Nice Guy Eddie suspect that Mr. Orange is the snitch who ratted to the cops, Mr. White defends his new friend. Joe aims his gun at Mr. White which makes White point his gun back. This causes Nice Guy Eddie to point his gun at Mr. White and yell at him to stop pointing his gun at his father. Tension continues to elevate until everyone begins shooting. Joe shoots Orange in the shoulder, White shoots Joe in the chest and Nice Guy Eddie shoots White in the stomach… but why is Eddie down and out?


This was apparently a technical issue as Chris Penn’s blood squib went off too early before Harvey Keitel could shoot him. However, Tarantino thought the scene was flawless in every other way so he decided to edit around the issue. While easy to miss, you can’t unsee it now.

1. 'The Shawshank Redemption' - A perfect escape?

The Shawshank Redemption is a prison story that is wildly considered by many as one of the greatest movies of all time. This movie is even rated number one on IMDB’s top 250 movies of all time, it’s apparently that good. The movie follows a man named Andy Dufresne who is wrongfully convicted of murdering his cheating wife and her lover. He spends almost 20 years behind bars but he also becomes a successful accountant for many of the prisoners and even the Warden himself. However, after Andy learns too much about what the Warden has been doing with his money, the Warden refuses to let him have a retrial after some new evidence has popped up to prove Andy’s innocence. That’s when Andy plans a breakout.

He digs a hole through his cell wall and crawls through a sewage pipe to freedom. To cover his tracks, he decides to cover the hole on his wall with his poster of Raquel Welch. Wait, how exactly did he do that? Somehow, when he entered the hole, he was able to pin the poster back on the wall at all four corners. The poster was apparently pinned on so tightly that the Warden was able to chuck a rock at it and put a perfect hole in the poster to reveal the escape route.

There is just no way he could have done this without pinning only the top two corners to just let the poster hang or just simply accidentally ripping the poster trying to pin all four corners. It just doesn’t make any sense and it’s actually hurting my brain trying to understand how he did it. I love this movie, but there is no ignoring this obvious plot hole.

Did I forget any other major plot holes?


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