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Mind you fans did get to see some pretty awesome trailers (Bourne), but we still kind of feel empty inside. Probably fans felt this sickness in their stomach because WE DIDN'T GET TO SEE ALL THE TRAILERS IN THE SUPERBOWL WE WANTED!! Okay we need to put our expectations down and realize that these are just previews for a football game. Usually these films are brought into a bigger light but seeing that Civil War and BvS are being released, these other films are getting hit to the lower deck. These are the top overlooked films of 2016 as of now.

1. The BFG

This film follows the story of a big friendly giant that befriends a little girl but is misunderstood by the world. Based off the best selling children novel and directed by Steven Spielberg, The BFG would have been awesome to see more footage of. The BFG will be released July 1st.

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Had enough of Harry Potter? Well to bad because J.K Rowling wrote the screenplay to her own Harry Potter universe book!! Directed by David Yates, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them would have been a great addition to the nerd database to the popular films this year. Somehow no one is talking about it.

3. Doctor Strange

How haven't we seen any footage of this film yet....please tell me. Okay it is probably because it doesn't want to take away from Civil War but fans are forgetting that this film comes out this year! Directed by Scott Derrickson, Doctor Strange would follow the events after Dr. Strange survives a car accident and discovers magic. This film will be released.......November 4th.

4. Moana

We still live in a world where adults can proudly say...I LOVE DISNEY! The newest addition to the Disney princess collection and the Disney cartoon base comes the beautifully animated Moana directed by Mark Mancina. This animated film will be released November 23rd.

5. Warcraft

When I first heard that this best selling video game was going to get it's own film, I thought it sounded stupid. Until the trailer was released. This mostly CG animated film actually looks quite beautiful. Still not sure if it will be a great film but being a movie fanatic and knowing how other people like me react, we will still see this just because of how epic it looks. Directed by Duncan Jones this film will be released June 10th.

6. Ghostbusters

I'm not going to lie...I am kind of suspicious myself about this one. Fans were kind of hoping for the original cast to show back up but to bad. This is what you get! Either way fans will flock to this film after all the other big names are out of the picture. Directed by Paul Fieg, this reboot will follow the lives of four woman that want to bust some ghosts. Ghostbusters will be released July 15th.

7. Finding Dory

This was the most talked about film last year and now I don't even hear a word about it. You probably just remembered this movie because of this article. Maybe. I don't know. This film follows the events of Dory as she tries to track down her mother. Finding Dory is directed by Andrew Stanton and will be released June 17th.

8. Star Trek Beyond

I thought this would be one of the most talked about films this year but it honestly isn't. No one is talking about it, like at all. When the other Star Trek's came out that's all that was talked about. Now all I hear is silence. This is Star Trek dammit! Directed by Justin Lin this space adventure will be released July 22nd. Like in five months guys. Hype it up or something!

What other films are being overlooked as of now? Which ones are you excited for?

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