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We are a couple of months removed from the triumphant return of the Star Wars franchise with The Force Awakens. It has become the biggest domestic hit in U.S. history and we have firmly stepped into the era of The Force. Lucasfilm and Disney currently has at least three Star Wars films in various stages of production including Episode 8, Rogue One, and the Han Solo spin-off. While the average moviegoer is unaware of this grand plan, even the rabid fanbase is largely in the dark about where the new films are headed. (Spoilers ahead)

Last July, That Hashtag Show's broke the scoop that there would be the presence of what were formerly called Shadow Troopers in Rogue One. Last week the trustworthy JoBlo, gave a report which aligned with the info our sources obtained last summer. They also explained that the black costumed troopers would be now known as Death Troopers in the new canon.

The latest bit of information that we have obtained is really interesting and gives a more focused look at some fan favorite characters. Last August, Daily Mail ran a interesting scoop that sounded too strange to be true at the time. They reported that Grand Moff Tarkin would return in Rogue One and that LucasFilm would be digitally recreating Peter Cushing in the film. After some digging we have gotten confirmation, from our same source that tipped us that Admiral Ackbar would appear in The Force Awakens, that the scoop was correct. Grand Moff Tarkin will indeed return to the big-screen and will be recreated using the miracle of CGI.

There is concept art of Tarkin for Rogue One, along with Darth Vader, on the bridge of the Death Star and the execution of his CGI character has been explained as being one of the most expensive renderings ever. Honestly, it's unclear why they have chosen to go this complicated route, over simply recasting an actor who could breathe new life into the character. However, it is the direction the production has decided to take. It seems that while this will be the first spin-off movie from the Star Wars universe, it has the opportunity to be just as filled with nostalgia as any upcoming film.

We have a lot more on Rogue One to come in the near future, so make sure to come back for more!

Rogue One opens on December 16th, 2016.

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