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While our society is starting to become full of things that we've already seen in sci-fi films, it doesn't get any less amazing when another one appears! Now it's time to talk about an incredible story about a young man who has come up with something absolutely revolutionary, which we have already seen in an amazing film before!

He's Built a Smart Gun!

That's right! Kai Kloepfer, an 18 year old from Boulder, Colorado was in his high school sophomore year when he first developed a gun which includes a fingerprint scanner on the trigger. It can only be fired by people whose prints have already been scanned into the system for that gun. Know what that sounds like?

Judge Dredd's Gun!

That's right! While the weapon Kai is developing doesn't blow your arm off when you shouldn't be using it, the fingerprint scanner is much like that of futuristic lawman Judge Dredd. Albeit, his gun also has about seven types of bullets, including incendiary and heat-seeking, but give Kai a little time. Now, time to take a closer look at how (and why) Kai has done this instead of... well normal teenager things.

Kai explained that he originally set out to stop mass shootings, and came to realise that accidental shootings actually made up a far larger percentage of gun killings in America, and realised that a way to deal with this was within his power.

After teaching himself engineering and design using the internet, Kai used military grade technology to create a plastic prototype of the weapon, which he entered in his school science fair. Ever since this, he has strived towards creating a fully functional metal version of the weapon, and has run into difficulties. As you can see in the video above, many military types and gun fanatics have issues with the weapon, but many of them are about warfare, not private ownership, which is most likely the main area Kai wants to target. That isn't the biggest issue facing him, because there's the bigger problem of funding.

After making the original model, Kai received a grant of $50,000 from the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, but needs more. He currently has a Indiegogo campaign set up with a goal of $72,000, but has only reached around $10,000 so far. All Kai wants to do is finish this and show people how much safer guns can be. He wants to help keep children from firing their parents weapons. And not as importantly, but also a valid point, he wants to make a gun that could make policemen so much more like Judge Dredd!

On second thought... might not be a good thing.
On second thought... might not be a good thing.

Thanks for reading guys! If you want to donate to Kai's campaign, click here! And if you want to hear about my hopes and dreams for a Dredd sequel/TV reboot, click on the big blue follow button below!


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