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Over the years movies and films that have involved students have always been popular. From beautiful romances to hilarious comedies and education feats, films showing the lives of students will always be fun to watch. From the script or novel that was written on paper to the glory of the big screen, here are some of the best comedies that feature students from the last five years.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

Scott Pilgrim is a bass guitarist who plays for a garage rock and roll band. He never really had any troubles when it came to romancing other girls, but he always had an issue with ending the relationships. One day he met Ramona Flowers, who skated her way into his heart. However to become her suitor Scott has to go against her seven evil exes.


A Duff is an acronym that stands for; Designated, Ugly, Fat, Friend. This is what high school senior Bianca is rudely awoken to when she finds out that her classmates refer to her as her prettier and much more popular DUFF. With this new information, she gains the help of the charming jock, Wesley. To reinvent herself and keep her senior year from becoming disastrous.

21 Jump Street

Schmidt and Jenko are two cops who use their youthful appearances to go undercover in a high school. Armed with only backpacks they go to shut down a drug ring. Little as they know school has changed and they must face the terror and anxiety of the classrooms they had left behind long ago.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie is a socially awkward teen who refers to himself as a wallflower or someone who always watches from the sidelines. This changes when two of the most charismatic students, Sam, a free-spirited young woman. Along with her stepbrother, Patrick. Become Charlie’s mentors and help him discover the joys of friendship, music, and love. Everything seems to look up for Charlie, particularly since a teacher ignites his passion for writing. But this all appears to change as his inner sadness threatens to shatter his confidence when his friends prepare to leave for college.


Malcolm and his friends Jib, and Diggy are all High-school seniors who bond over the hip hop culture of the 1990’s. They study the hip hop culture, and music, and even play music in their punk band. After a run-in with a drug dealer named Dom they believe that they have received the opportunity of a lifetime, playing for Dom’s birthday party at his nightclub. However it doesn’t take long for the scene to turn violent, and the group of friends flees, completely unaware of the stash of Ecstasy hidden in Malcolm’s backpack. The result of this is a dark, realistic, but ultimately funny film starring many up and coming African American actors.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Three friends decide that they want to join the boy scouts? What could go wrong? Well except for the fact that their once peaceful hometown is being taken over by the stumbling, shambling, bloodthirsty, flesh craving, group of the living dead known as zombies. That’s right, the zombie apocalypse has begun, and it’s up to these three friends, Ben who is kind hearted, Carter who is quick to think of a plan, and the class clown Augie to save everyone. With the help of a young waitress named Denise, the boys use the skills they learned in their scout troop to save their fellow man, along with earning their zombie-killing badges.


Comic-loving teen Dave Lizewski wants to reinvent himself. But rather than do something normal or ordinary such as take a few art classes or join a gym, he decides to go a whole different route. Young Dave chooses to make himself into a superhero, who he dubs as “Kick-Ass”. Despite the fact that he doesn’t have any special powers or abilities he is quick to start working on his new job of fighting crime. Dave quickly joins forces with the father-daughter crime-fighting duo known as Big Daddy and Hit Girl. As well as befriends another crime fighter known as Red Mist. As they work together to fight crime, a threat comes into the picture that puts their alliance to the test.

Easy A

After being harassed and heckled by her popular best friend, Olive decides to tell a little lie and says she lost her virginity. Despite the fact that her weekend was completely uneventful. Unfortunately, her story was heard by the high school busybody, who was quick to spread it all over the campus. Now the clean cut teenager Olive is notorious, but not for the right reasons.

Project X

Three friends, Thomas, Costa, and JB, are three high-school seniors ready to make their mark. Despite the fact that they are somewhat anonymous they are determined to make themselves unforgettable. How does one do this? Well with the most amazing party ever thrown of course! During one crazy night of what seems to be an innocent idea, there are dreams that are ruined, pristine records completely shattered, and of course, legends that are born. All because of one crazy night.

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