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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

With Deadpool set to release this week and take over the nation, more information is starting to come out in terms of pre-production facts. Ryan Reynolds revealed that he stole the Deadpool suit from the set and recently stated in an interview that an X-Force film is one of his main priorities!

On the subject of X-Force, there was supposedly a very famous X-Force character that was set to appear in this film before he was removed due to budget concerns. This character is none other than the man who appeared on the cover of Deadpool's first appearance, Garrison Kane!

Garrison Kane Was Supposed To Be In Deadpool?

Deadpool and Garrison Kane have a very extensive history and he is a very huge part of Deadpool's origin story. Creator Rob Liefeld revealed that Kane was actually supposed to be featured in the film!

“In this film he would’ve been another product of “the workshop.” So another enhanced mutant that we introduced to further Deadpool’s connection to the Department K Weapon X program, which in this movie you know as “the workshop”.

Kane had huge set pieces, but to get an R-rating the budget was revised and not everything survived. I saw some of the models they had made for Kane, and he would’ve been very expensive. He had all these cybernetic limbs that expand and turn into guns. His hand flies off and coils. He’s an X-Force character and he has a history with Deadpool. There’s a lot of animosity there [between the two characters]. But it’s cool – Kane will just go back into the box for another time.”

This is very interesting and could have possibly catapulted us into the X-Force films.

Does This Mean An X-Force Film Is Coming Next?

The Fox universe is changing, X-Men: Apocalypse is set to bring a brand new cast of characters to the big screen, including Psylocke who was a key member of the Uncanny X-Force in the comics and we of course are getting Deadpool later this week. I think that an X-Force film is next in line, it is obvious Fox has plans for it due to Garrison Kane almost making the cut for Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds has already stated that X-Force is his main priority, and we all know what happens when Ryan Reynolds wants something! *Cough* Deadpool *Cough*


Would You Like To See An X-Force Film?

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