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From The Avengers to the Justice league to Spider-Man and Nightwing these are ten of the most awaited for Team-Ups in between Marvel and DC we would all love to see!

1. Black Widow/ Black Canary

Two epic females fighting alongside legendary men (I kinda think this would turn out great). Black Canary, from the DC universe, is able to deliver a ultrasonic ear-splitting vocal cry and deliver damaging blows due to her training in martial arts. She has proven herself multiple times and has fought alongside teams like The Justice League of America and even led the Gotham based team of heroes named the Birds of Prey. Black Widow on the other hand is an expert spy, athlete, and assassin trained at a young age by the KGB's infamous Red Room Academy and currently fights alongside the legendary Avengers and serves as the top S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. This partnership would be extraordinary!

Here are both of them in action....

2. Spider-Man/ Nightwing

Here are two extraordinarily talented fighters that fight among legends. Spider-Man, from Marvel, is teenage orphan that had a run in with a radioactive spider that granted him the speed, strength, and all the other powers a spider has. Taught that with great power comes great responsibility he vowed to use his powers to help people and has fought alongside groups like the Avengers and the Outlaws. Then we have Nightwing, part of the DC Universe, starting off as a acrobat Nightwing or Dick Grayson had a familiar beginning like Spider-Man after Dick Grayson witnessed the death of his parents he joined the crime fighting legend Batman as Robin. Soon though as he grew older and gained more skills and experience he became Nightwing a exceptional martial artist skilled in Combat strategy, Advanced technology, Brilliant deductive skills, and Gymnastic ability and has fought among multiple groups in the DC Universe like Young Justice, The Justice League, and the Teen Titans. This is a partnership that was made in heaven.

Here are the two of them in action.....

3. Ant Man/ The Atom

Here are two Superheroes who share multiple qualities like their powers. Ant Man, from the Marvel universe, is a ex criminal and electronics expert hired by Stark International which allowed him to steal the Ant Man suit from Hank Pym. The suit granted Ant Man all the abilities a Ant has like increased strength and the ability to shrink into the size of an Ant. Then we have The Atom, from DC, who is a gifted physicist who worked to tirelessly to try and create a better world and in the process created the Atom's suit which gave him the ability to shrink down to a subatomic level. These two were given their powers through different ways so it would be interesting to see these two characters work together.

Here are the two of them in action....

4. Hawkeye/ Green Arrow

These two are most likely two of the most interesting characters that could work together on this list because they are so alike. Hawkeye, from Marvel, started off as a partner in an embezzling carnival and became a master marksman and earned the title of "The World's Greatest Marksman." After he left the Carnival he met Black Widow who caused him to become a straight shooter. On the other hand we have Green Arrow, from DC, is an ex- spoiled billionaire who decided to change after a leisurely sailing trip turned bad and he was marooned on an island where he learned to survive using his new skills of survival and archery he learned on the island to escape and use his skills back in his hometown to fight crime and fight for truth and justice. This would be a great partnership.

Here they are in action....

5. Deadpool/ Deathstroke

Now this would be a fantastic partnership! Deadpool, from Marvel, is a not so serious mercenary who is less of a hero and more an anti-hero who breaks the fourth wall. Created through the Weapon X program he has the same abilities as Wolverine which means he can not die and will be forever known as the "The Merc with the Mouth." Then we have Deathstroke, from DC, another mercenary who is more of a military man. Like Deadpool, Deathstroke underwent an experiment which gave him enhanced speed, strength and intelligence, which effectively made him a super solider but with the enhanced intelligence he became a master strategist and tactician. This partnership would be a very intriguing one to see played out.

Here are the two master assassins in action....

6. Punisher/ Red Hood

Here is are last partnership which is most likely also one of the best on this list. The Punisher, from Marvel, is a vigilante who employs murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats of violence, and torture in his war on crime after the passing of his family. The Punisher is a master of martial arts, stealth tactics, guerrilla warfare, and a wide variety of weapons. On the other hand we have Red Hood who specializes in exactly the same tactics. Red Hood, from DC, after being murdered by the Joker came back from the dead and took up the mantle of Red Hood and uses aggression and fear to control strong gangs and the mob, supposedly saving Gotham. Since the Punisher and Red Hood share a lot of the pain, same abilities, and personalities it would be amazing to see these two team up.

Here are the two in action....


What partnership would you like to see?


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