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I have no issue with Zack Snyder's version of Superman. I enjoyed the movie. I thought Snyder stayed true to the origins of the character, while also adding his own unique touch to the story. Leaps and bounds above the dismal attempt of "Superman Returns"......but i don't want to get started on that.

My only beef with "Man of Steel" was the introduction of Amy Adams as Lois Lane and her appearance in the film. First, let me point out i think Amy is a great actress. She always does great quality work and is a joy to watch. With that said however, i do not think she fits the Lois Lane role, especially in keeping true to the origins of the character. It's not the worst casting ever, her acting in the film is fine, but more its the presence of the character i think is the most puzzling of the film.

From the moment of her first appearance in the film she seems out of place. As if only to serve a purpose of being a connection between the subplot and the main plot. Her introduction in the film is very early in my opinion. I get the movie covers a large span of time very quickly but her introduction as a love interest to Superman and her discovery that he and Clark Kent are one in the same before the climax is too much. In addition only moments after coming to this discovery she is an vital part of saving the Earth from General Zod......?

.........Please! Possibly the most irritating and awkward point in the film. Lois is too involved and too close to the plot very early in the film, add that to the miscasting of Amy and you get a dark spot in an otherwise wonderful film.

A close second is the interpretation of how Jonathon Kent dies protecting Clark's secret.....but i'll leave that for another day!


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