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So the other day my sister shared this with facebook page with me me and I thought I should post it up so you guys could all have a look!

For anyone who admires Pokemon (like myself), these art pieces by Rico Busalpa will definitely tug on your heart strings -- err -- gaming cords!

I stole this quote from a guy on facebook - his idea for these creations:

"They should make an anime where the pokemon of old have slowly died out and the god pokemon transfers the souls of the each pokemon species into these weapons. I would watch that till i died"

Here are 10 random ones I chose to show, but there are a lot more of them on his page here

, as well as a comments I selected from each photo via facebook.


"This should be Jolteon side :sword Flareon side: sword Vaporeon middle : bow Also the weapon can separate into dual short swords bigger then a dagger smaller than a sword"


"Now let me speak of this gauntlet you have drawn here. I really think u have made this pokemon personified (I beleieve I am using this roght) as a gauntlet of what looks like an evil overlord gaunlet. The idea of a gem on the heart of the gauntlet is amazing as it could signify the magic of putting someone to sleep and then the gauntlet I feel would then delve into your heart or mind to do haunters signature move dream eater. All around an amazing piece here beautiful design"


"This is amazing. We finally see another sword that is from a different sections of this world. It looks as if this card is from a desert like area and the scimitar feel to it that comes from a desert like people is jyst amazing. I love how u took the eye and made it the center of the guard as if it could see into the future and predict what you would do or a demonic like sword. Very simple very elegant I love this design"


"I can just imagine the tentacles unfurling into a cat-o-nine tails whip type thing"


"Sort of reminiscent of Buddhist monk chain whip. Years of training required for effective use" -- someone also wondered where the handle was!


"The bows I think of as magical moves so if you pull the string of the bow if automatically fires a energy arrow but uses your energy or life force like bleach! But the actually arrow does not fire off so it's not one shot"


"I hate how no one notices THE WATER CANON IN THE MIDDLE!!! The things on the sides are not the blades, do you not see the water canon in the middle the water blade comes out of there"


"Tail looks stupid

Tip of sword has barrier effect. Tail wraps around sword arm giving user telekinesis powers, only usable with same arm."


"This is my weapon. Fuck yes. Weapon emits a poisonous gas and makes all who touch the weapon immune. User can also become the gas"


"Banishes enemies to an alternate dimension. Maybe a cornfield to be dealt with. This is.... The twilight zone"

SO, what are your thoughts on these weapons? I thought they were pretty awesome. Some could be adjusted, and it would have been great if the designer added a description of them with a power or ability. Maybe you guys could go comment what you think if you check them out!

Have you seen them before?

How would you use them?

Would YOU be able to use these in a battle?

How would you fix them?

Leave a comment below!



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