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I can't imagine casting being an easy job. So many talented actors with so many sets of skills and different looks. You want to make sure you've chosen the perfect person for the role, because if they can't deliver, then it's most definitely on you.

Did your blood pressure just go up? Because mine sure did.

Below is a list of casting decisions that could have fallen short, but thankfully didn't.

1. Charlie Hunnam Leaves 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

We all know just how freakin' sexy Hunnam is, as Sons Of Anarchy had me drooling giant puddles on the floor. While many say he left due to scheduling conflicts, there are rumors that he actually felt nervous over the amount of negative attention he was getting.

Hunnam was replaced with Once Upon A Time star Jamie Dornan.

2. Stuart Townsend Leaves 'The Lord Of The Rings'

Only four days into production, director Peter Jackson realized that Irish actor Townsend was actually too young to play Aragorn.

He was then replaced by the stirring Viggo Mortensen.

3. Ryan Gosling Leaves 'The Lovely Bones'

Gosling went the whole nine yards to prepare for his role of woeful father Jack Salmon. Just one month before shooting, he backed out of the role, because at 29, Gosling felt he was too young to play a father.

Mark Wahlberg then stepped up to the plate, and it seemed to be a much more appropriate choice, as Wahlberg was 38 years old at the time.

4. Kel O'Neill Leaves 'There Will Be Blood'

O'Neill was the actor initially cast as Eli Sunday in Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood, but after just two weeks on set he was replaced for a number of rumored reasons. The idea that O'Neill couldn't handle Daniel Day-Lewis's habit of staying in character off camera was said to be a motivating reason behind his departure, but both O'Neill and Day-Lewis deny this.

Paul Dano stepped in with only four days worth of preparation. And he absolutely nailed it.

5. Samantha Morton Leaves 'Her'

Spike Jonze had casted Morton, who also appeared on set to voice operating system Samantha. While in the editing room, Jonze realized that what he and Morton had created wasn't working for the film.

Scarlett Johansson was then called in to dub Samantha's lines.

6. Sofía Vergara Leaves 'The Paperboy'

Modern Family actress Vergara was originally casted as Charlotte Bless in Lee Daniels's film. She decided to pull out of the role once she discovered a scene in which she was to pee on Zac Efron after his character is stung by a jellyfish.

She was then replaced by Nicole Kidman, who apparently had no qualms whatsoever about peeing on Efron.

7. Reba McEntire Leaves 'Titanic'

McEntire was set to play Molly Brown, but couldn't commit due to her insane touring schedule.

Kathy Bates was then added to the cast.

8. Helen Mirren Leave 'Precious'

Mirren was set to play the social worker in Lee Daniels's film Precious. She ended up leaving the project as she was cast in something "bigger."

Daniels reached out to Mariah Carey, who had to de-diva-tize herself for the very unglamorous role.

9. Tom Selleck Leaves 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'

Selleck had been approached for the role of Indiana Jones, but he was already preoccupied with Magnum, P.I.

With only three weeks left until shooting was to begin, Steven Spielberg attempted to convince George Lucas to cast Harrison Ford in the role of Indy, based on his acting as Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.

10. Will Smith Leaves 'The Matrix'

Will Smith was offered the role of Neo, but he turned it down as he was nervous that the Wachowskis wouldn't be able to achieve the "bullet time" effects in the script. Instead, he went off to film Wild Wild West.

Keanu Reeves, of course, then put his hand up for the role and killed it as Neo.

11. Dougray Scott Leaves 'X-Men'

Bryan Singer originally wanted to direct Russell Crowe in the role of Wolverine, but there was no way to settle salary disputes at the time. Singer then set his sights on Scottish actor Dougray Scott, who ultimately had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with Mission: Impossible II.

The virtually unknown Hugh Jackman finally landed the part, three weeks into filming.

I can't even picture these films being cast in any other way. While the possibilities of talented actors are endless, I feel that a Titanic without Kathy Bates or a There Will Be Blood without Paul Dano is no way to live.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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