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Well, it's that time of year for fellow animation geeks (such as myself) as we talk about the Annie Awards. For those who don't know, it's like the Oscars or Golden Globes but for animation. But, let's start first with the movie category.

And wouldn't you know it? "Inside Out" is this year's big winner. I think we all saw that coming and it's pretty obvious too. Plus, "The Good Dinosaur" got a couple of them. And just so you know, there are 10 categories for movies, so, "Inside Out" got 8 and "The Good Dinosaur" got 2. Also just so you know, I will not be talking about any of the shorts, commercials or independent/foreign projects since there probably isn't much to talk about.

Now, all I ask of everyone before I discuss the winners in the TV category is not to say that Disney rigged the Annies. Keep in mind that we only got 9 animated films this year and for an award show to be rigged, the nominations would have to be mostly Disney or nothing but Disney plus they would've won everything in both the Movie and TV category which SPOILERS: They didn't with the latter.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Oh! And I wanna quickly mention the winner for the Best Production Design in Live Action which went to...

And this was for the climax in Sokovia.

By the way, I wanna say as a Marvel fan that this is the closest thing to an award that Marvel is going to win this year because both this movie and "Ant-Man" did not get nominated at the Oscars for Best Visual FX in which the latter had the best I had seen. Instead they nominated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (funny enough, this reminds me of how "Despicable Me 2" got a nomination for Best Animated Feature 2 years ago but not "Monsters University" but, I digress). That and the Academy is hypocritical when it comes to the 'superhero' genre. I mean "The Incredibles" and "Big Hero 6" DID win Best Animated Feature.

With that out of the way, now let's move on to the TV categories...

Now here, there aren't as many big winners as there are in the movies category.

Having said that there's the Mickey Mouse shorts with Best Music, Best Storyboards and Best Editorial. Who could blame ASIFA (the group that runs the Annies)? I really enjoy watching these shorts. Also, we have Wander Over Yonder with Best TV Show for Children and if I can be honest here, I do like "Wander Over Yonder", I just don't catch up on it as much as "Gravity Falls" or "Star VS. The Forces of Evil". "Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas" got Best Character Design, Dragons: Race to the Edge with Best Character Animation and The Mr.Peabody and Sherman Show for Best Production Design. And just for the record, I have not seen Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas or the 2 DreamWorks shows (the latter of which I never have the time to watch). Oh! And "The Simpsons" won for Best TV Show in General.

Now let's talk about the others...

Now, this is where I get down in the dumps here...

Apparently, Bob's Burgers got Best Voice Acting over "Star Vs. The Forces of Evil" (I'll discuss that show's nominations later) and the one that I have to really, really, really disagree with...Best Writing. While I am a little upset and think that "Gravity Falls" deserved that award more, I respect ASIFA's opinion. And in case you can tell from having said that, I do not like "Bob's Burgers". I just...don't get the appeal or why everyone says it's a good show (plus, I've seen very few episodes of it for that same reason). Though speaking of "Gravity Falls" on a more brighter note, it did get Best Directing. And keep in mind that a director has more power over a writer for any Movie or TV Episode and that if the writer wrote anything especially atrocious, the director would take that out. And as for the Voice Acting, I'm not saying that Alan Tudyk is better than Kristen Schaal (keep in mind this is Mabel Pines and Trixie (from "Toy Story 3" and the 'Toy Story' shorts and specials we're talking about here) at voiceover but do keep in mind what I just said about "Bob's Burgers".

Now, let's bring up "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" which got the nominations for Best Voice Acting and Best Editorial. This is just my opinion but I think 'Star' could've been nominated for a little more but I'm sure it will be and hopefully win some (which sadly, it didn't this year) with "Gravity Falls" ending next week. Because, this show really is a truly worthy successor to that show.

And that's all I gotta say about this year's Annie Awards. Even with what we just ended things off with, it was great to see Pixar do something that would've been a while coming and I really am happy with most of the wins (even if they are for some that I have yet to see). Let's just see what 2017 brings us as it gets closer...


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